Bluesnap Questions

8.1. I received a decline message while subscribing. What should I do? The message “credit card was declined” will appear while processing an order, if your credit card issuer/bank declines the transaction for some reason. Usually, a quick call to your card issuer/bank will clear this up. 8.2. Is your checkout page secure? The checkout […]

Is it possible to see and print current and past invoices?

Yes, definitely. Access your BlueSnap account and perform one of the following: In the Recent Charges section, click on the invoice number you want to view.                             Click on Charges Report or click the Charges option at the top of the page.         […]

Where do I update my address and other personal details?

Access your BlueSnap account. At the top of the account page, click Settings.     Edit the necessary information and click Submit.   Note that the new details will show on the next subscription payment invoice. Previous invoices may not be altered.

I have a new credit card. How do I enter the new details?

Access your BlueSnap account. In the Active Subscriptions section, click Change under Payment Method. Click Use a New Card. Fill in the new credit card information and click Submit.

How can I add a new user to my active subscription?

Access your BlueSnap account via the  button next to the Settings button, and select Subscribe to Logitude. If you cannot find the blue button, this means that the Billing role definition is missing in your user profile. Please contact your colleague who is responsible for managing the payments of your company. You will be redirected to the Secure […]

How do I access my subscription account?

Once your subscription has started, you can access your Bluesnap account to add more users, update details and print invoices. Click the button in the ribbon at the top of your Logitude page, and select the Manage Your BlueSnap Account option. If you don’t find this icon  , this means that you’re missing the billing role for your user. […]

Paying by Wire Transfer

2.1. Can I pay by wire transfer? Yes. But, please note that payment by wire transfer is allowed only for annual subscriptions, and only in US dollars. It requires additional $16 for transfer fees. It might also require local bank transfer fees. To perform a wire transfer payment, see instructions in What are the steps for […]

Subscription Process

1.1. How do I subscribe to Logitude? The subscription process is conducted via BlueSnap – a third party global payments company. Logitude employs Bluesnap’s services for handling payment transactions and managing customers’ subscription accounts. You start by clicking the button in the ribbon at the top of your Logitude page and choosing the relevant subscription […]

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