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Be ahead of the competition, Logitude arms you with digital freight forwarding solutions to deliver superior services tailored to your customers’ needs.

A freight forwarding software
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Through Logitude’s logistics management software, you can manage your daily communication with customers, partners, agents, and carriers. 

 Tracking shipments, generating paperwork, and pursuing outstanding invoices used to take a significant amount of time, effort, and energy, but not anymore if you are using advanced freight management software.

Advanced Self-Service and Visibility

Customers want real-time data and updates on their freight, go beyond the limits of traditional operations and provide advanced visibility and simplified self-service.

Efficient Automated Services

Focus on high-value tasks, reduce human error rates, and increase your performance efficiency by automating your processes.

Seamless Personalized Experience

Deliver flexible and effective services with Logitude’s highly customizable freight forwarding system that fits the unique needs of you and your customers.

Maintaining customer satisfaction has become more challenging

You feel like you are struggling to keep your customers satisfied. The rise of digital technology, which increased consumers’ demands, and the ongoing competition to win new clients are forcing you to act faster and wiser as a freight forwarder.

You have to provide accurate, transparent, and exceptional freight forwarding services under the existing available budget.

Are you experiencing these freight forwarding frustrations?

Human errors and a lack of follow-up tools.

Critical billing mistakes.

High effort in answering customers' queries.

Preparing quotes takes a significant amount of time.

Emails get lost.

Your Highway to Efficient
Freight Forwarding
Services and Exceptional
Customer Experience

Logitude World's Shipments Dashboard

We help hundreds of freight forwarders
stand out against their competitors

Maximum control with our freight forwarding solutions

Logitude was built on extensive technical knowledge and vast experience in the freight forwarding industry. Rely on our logistics management software and its sophisticated features to achieve:

Higher Productivity

Shifting to digital means reducing manual activities, increasing accuracy, and efficient use of your time and efforts.

Profit Growth

Efficient operations help to increase customer numbers and returns while keeping the same costs and manpower.

Customers’ Satisfaction

Maintain transparency with your customers and provide efficient services that exceed their expectations.

Streamlined Operations

Easily manage shipments, quotes, billing, follow-ups, reporting, and communications.

Trusted by leading freight forwarding companies

Hundreds of freight forwarding companies around the world rely on Logitude’s freight forwarding system to manage their operations and optimize their workflow.

Get inspired by our customers

See how our clients use Logitude’s fright management software to enhance their services, solve their challenges, and achieve their goals.

Logitude is extremely responsive to all of our inquiries, both as it relates to improving their system and also with requests for help. Ease of use is key, and its clear and concise dashboard helps us stay on top of all shipments.

Michael Shoule
J.W. Hampton - Foreign Freight Forwarder & Logistics Consultant

We are very excited about choosing Logitude, as it has overall transformed our business. From changing our workflows to working paperless, Logitude played a very integral part. On the other hand, we use this daily for all our branches, and we are extremely happy about it. Implementation, support, and training were also great.

Vasileios Sakarelos
Head of Business Development and Operations - Marinaie cargo services Ltd

Logitude enables me to operate my company not only from my desk but from anywhere thanks to their web-based product. Their client portal also enables my clients to monitor the status and location of their investments. Logitude’s support team has a 10/10 rating; they are quick to respond and are always happy to assist.

Vincent van Berkel
Managing Director - Venix Logix B.V.

Logitude is a great software that is easy to use and an all-in-one tool to run a freight forwarding or logistics business. The amount of different tools and functions inside the software makes it the key to our success by always having an idea about our shipment status, profit, and much more.

Mads Christiansen
Founder- MCGlobe Pte. Ltd.

I have been using Logitude for 6 months now, it is really complete, easy to use, and helps us save a lot of time. The value for the money is excellent, and the setup and deployment are easy. It’s really excellent software that has changed my daily workflow in a good way. The back office and assistance at Logitude are easy to contact and fast to respond.

Sébastien Letihon
Owner - Cosmo Freight

Our Guarantees

Logitude’s freight management software has been designed to meet the needs of freight forwarders of all sizes

Ease of Setup Icon

Ease of Setup

Get started in a few days. A dedicated project manager will collaborate closely with you from the very beginning to the go-live stage.

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Get Well-Trained

Free training sessions, in addition to documentation, and video tutorials.

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Before making a commitment, test Logitude in your own private environment using your unique processes.

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Transparent Pricing

No setup fees. The subscription fees are inclusive of training, standard implementation, and customization.

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Free Superior Support

We achieved a 4.8 rating for our quick and high-quality support as we put our customers’ satisfaction first.

How will Logitude’s logistics management software enhance your services?

Before Logitude

  • Exceptional service is time-consuming and is frequently avoided!
  • The major communication channels with customers are phone calls and emails!
  • Customers are mainly interested in the lowest price
  • Critical operational and billing mistakes
  • Manual quotes and outdated processes
  • High operational costs and low profits

With Logitude

  • Exceptional freight services are a reality
  • Modern digital self-service channels are available 24/7
  • Level up your customers’ engagement and satisfaction
  • Reduce human errors by implementing automated processes
  • Advanced and integrated quotes and CRM modules
  • Significant savings and higher profit for your business


The answer is yes! Logitude provides customized freight management software that allows you to tailor the system according to your requirements and unique needs. By using a customizable freight forwarding system, you can configure preferences for shipping routes and options, track shipments in real-time, and automate other tasks for an enhanced user experience.

You don’t. There is no need to worry about learning how to use Logitude’s freight forwarding software, we make sure you are well-trained by providing you with free training sessions, in addition to documentation and video tutorials, all of which will help you get comfortable with using the software on a daily basis.

When using Logitude’s freight software, you’ll have a team of customer success professionals who can help you solve any issues that do come up.

With Logitude’s advanced freight management system, freight forwarders can enable their customers to track the progress of their shipments online in real-time by including tracking tools in their freight software. This automated platform provides real-time visibility and control over goods being shipped from point A to point B, making the entire process more efficient and streamlined. This not only simplifies the process for all parties, but it also leads to higher customer satisfaction as a result of greater communication.

In the age of digitalization, effective logistics software is essential for any freight forwarding business. It helps you streamline your operations and increase efficiency. Logitude’s advanced logistics software can help manage all aspects of your freight forwarding operations, from tracking shipments to invoicing customers to creating reports. With the right system in place, freight companies can reduce costs and increase customer satisfaction by providing better service at a lower cost. By using a freight management system, you can save time and money while increasing efficiency. It helps to eliminate manual tasks, reduce errors, and maximize profitability. With the help of this software, your freight business can gain insights into performance metrics and make data-driven decisions.

As ocean freight moves more and more goods across the world, it’s essential for companies to have efficient and accurate freight management software in place. With the help of ocean freight software, you will be able to track your shipments, calculate pricing accurately, monitor delivery times, and even manage documentation. Logitude freight software acts as an ocean freight system as it provides visibility into each shipment’s progress throughout its journey, allowing you to make decisions quickly and accurately. By leveraging this technology, businesses can take control of their supply chains and ensure that they receive high-quality services with the utmost efficiency. Moreover, Logitude helps you track the status of your containers carried by the shipping lines you are connected with via INTTRA, the largest ocean trade platform. 

Freight forwarding software is a comprehensive solution that allows businesses to manage all freight operations with ease by using one digital platform. It provides an efficient way to organize and store data, process orders, track shipments, and optimize delivery routes. The freight forwarding system helps to manage the entire shipping process: From managing quotes, booking carriers, tracking shipments and generating invoices, it can also build custom reports and help businesses stay compliant with regulations. With the right freight management system, companies can reduce costs, improve customer satisfaction levels, and maximize profitability. 

Logitude’s online freight management software is essential for freight forwarders, consolidators, import/export managers, or NVOCCs in need of an automated freight forwarding solution that is efficient, advanced, and employs the newest technology. Freight forwarders can take advantage of Logitude’s freight system as a Service (SaaS) to generate documentation such as air waybills, bills of lading, and control cargo movement.

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