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The highly advanced freight software is specifically developed for the needs of freight forwarders.

Logitude’s Support Team Provides 90% of The First Responses Within One Hour.

We Handle Different Kinds of Support Ticket Severity, Each Ticket is Classified by Our Experts as Outlined Below:


If you encounter a malfunction that prevents all users from accessing the system (e.g., the system is unresponsive), your support ticket will be categorized as urgent.

First Resolution Time: We handle it immediately. 95% of resolution times are less than 1 hour.


In the event of a functional issue impacting the system’s performance for all users (e.g., a critical feature bug affecting all users), your support ticket will be considered a high priority.

First Resolution Time: 90% of resolution times fall within 2 Hours.


For problems that affect the system’s performance but do not impact all users (e.g., specific bugs), routine inquiries, or notifications, such as requests for information or training your support ticket will be classified as normal.

First Resolution Time: 90% of resolution times fall within 2 Days.


Inquiries for customizations or long/ non-routine training, fall under the low-severity category.

First Resolution Time: 95% of resolution times fall within 4 Days.

Open a Support Ticket Easily

Simply email support@logitudeworld.com with your request to submit a ticket effortlessly.

Our system will automatically process and forward your request to our team for timely assistance.

Open a Support Ticket Easily
“My Activities” to track ticket

How to Track Your Ticket?

You will receive an email confirming receipt of your request, along with a link to a ticket number where you can follow up or provide any additional feedback to the support team.

Logitude: Superior Experience and Powerful Ticketing

Logitude World provides freight forwarders with advanced freight forwarding software to manage all operations on one digital platform and deliver superior freight services.

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