Logitude’s Customer Digital Portal

Your Visibility Channel with Your Customers

A seamless digital experience that helps you maintain customer loyalty and stay visible to them through our built-in customer digital portal which reduces the workload of your team and saves your time and effort.

Build Trust and Retain Your Customers

A better experience means providing your customers with a convenient and personalized customer portal for communication, information exchange, issue resolution, and collaboration. A better experience ultimately leads to increased customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Elevated Visibility

Stay visible to your customers and remain top-of-mind by providing them with real-time data and constant updates on the status of their shipments and other operational data through a customized and branded platform.

Smooth Communication 

Your customers can have automatic answers to their inquiries by simply viewing their shipments and documents from the digital portal, which eliminates the need for giving constant updates.

Simple Yet Powerful Interface

Our easy-to-use portal is designed to provide your customers with easy access to all of the digital portal's features, it also creates a better user experience for customers by providing them with the ability to find what they need quickly.

A Built-In Digital Portal Brings Many Benefits to You and Your Customers

No need for complex integrations, data displayed directly from Logitude eliminates the need for third-party data transfers.

You Have Full Control

You can choose:

Which documents to share
with your customers

What fields can customers

What business records can customers access

More Customization Options: Personalize Your Sharing Preferences

Give your customers a complete view of their shipments, invoices, and documents

Powerful analytics mean smarter decisions

Give your customers a bird's eye view of all past and current shipments, invoices and documents. Our interactive dashboard provides your customers with real-time insights into all of business operations. The digital portal dashboard is made up of a collection of dynamic charts that provide a visual representation of the shipments for better analysis.


Never miss any updates

Offer your customers real-time visibility into their shipments. They can sort shipments based on the transport mode, check the latest status, view the routing timeline, access documents, invoices, partner information, and events—all under your control.


Free the time of your accounting team

Your customers can effortlessly access all invoices, eliminating the need for manual work. With the ability to manage invoices and payments, conduct searches, and sort invoices (paid, unpaid, and partially paid), they can also generate and download reports tailored to specific filters.


Seamless document sharing

Give your customers the peace of mind they require as they can access important documents safely stored in the Digital Portal cloud. They can easily upload, save, and share documents privately and securely. With our secure document library, you and your customers can manage documents quickly and efficiently.

Logitude’s Digital Portal can be Customized to Reflect Your Personal Brand

You can display your own logo and colors on the digital portal login page, in addition to a branded background and url.

You Never Have to Deal With These Challenges Again

Wasting time on inquiries

Lack of visibility

Difficulty of managing documents

Loss of customer trust

What Our Clients Say

See how our clients use Logitude’s fright management software to enhance their services, solve their challenges, and achieve their goals.

Logitude is extremely responsive to all of our inquiries, both as it relates to improving their system and also with requests for help. Ease of use is key, and its clear and concise dashboard helps us stay on top of all shipments.

Michael Shoule
J.W. Hampton - Foreign Freight Forwarder & Logistics Consultant

We are very excited about choosing Logitude, as it has overall transformed our business. From changing our workflows to working paperless, Logitude played a very integral part. On the other hand, we use this daily for all our branches, and we are extremely happy about it. Implementation, support, and training were also great.

Vasileios Sakarelos
Head of Business Development and Operations - Marinaie cargo services Ltd

Logitude enables me to operate my company not only from my desk but from anywhere thanks to their web-based product. Their client portal also enables my clients to monitor the status and location of their investments. Logitude’s support team has a 10/10 rating; they are quick to respond and are always happy to assist.

Vincent van Berkel
Managing Director - Venix Logix B.V.

Logitude is a great software that is easy to use and an all-in-one tool to run a freight forwarding or logistics business. The amount of different tools and functions inside the software makes it the key to our success by always having an idea about our shipment status, profit, and much more.

Mads Christiansen
Founder- MCGlobe Pte. Ltd.

I have been using Logitude for 6 months now, it is really complete, easy to use, and helps us save a lot of time. The value for the money is excellent, and the setup and deployment are easy. It’s really excellent software that has changed my daily workflow in a good way. The back office and assistance at Logitude are easy to contact and fast to respond.

Sébastien Letihon
Owner - Cosmo Freight

Stay Visible to Your Customers

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