Electronic Air Waybill for Freight Forwarders

Leading the Evolution of Air Cargo Management

To make it easier for shippers, forwarders, and customs agencies, and to offer a seamless airline connection, Logitude’s e-AWB automates air cargo management by digitizing the paper AWB.

Logitude Aligns with IATA Standards by Replacing The Traditional (AWB) with Electronic Data

Efficient Communication with The Airlines

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Complete the required information quickly

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Send AWB to the airlines electronically

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Prevent the repetition of data entry

Avoid penalty fees for paper air waybill

What Benefits Do Freight Forwarders Gain From Using eAWBs?

Enhanced Accuracy and Visibility

eAWB data stays more precise and up-to-date than paper AWBs, allowing for real-time updates by forwarders or airfreight agents until the cargo reaches its destination.

Cost Reduction

Spend less on document processing, avoid airline fees by transmitting AWBs electronically, and save money by removing paper AWBs. It’s an eco-friendly, paperless solution that minimizes environmental impact.

Boosted Productivity

eAWBs make things easier and faster by eliminating manual work. Getting the needed information quickly helps get through customs faster and lets forwarders and carriers share important details before cargo arrives.

Aligned with Regulations and Laws

Compliance with industry regulations and standards is simplified through eAWB systems, enabling freight forwarders to navigate complex regulatory landscapes with ease and accuracy.

Evolve Into a Paperless World: Logitude Connects You to The World's Top Airline Companies.

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