Achieving Efficiency in Freight Forwarding

Welcome to the Future of Freight Forwarding: Automation Module

Logitude’s innovative Automation Module acts as a savior for freight forwarders. It’s developed to do your jobs perfectly, all by itself, so you don’t have to keep checking on things.

This means less work and more time to focus on bigger and better things like growing your business and making your customers happy.

Are You Tired of Spending Endless Hours on Manual Tasks Within Your Freight Forwarding Business?

Logitude’s Automation Tool Reduces Your Manual Workload

Eliminates repetitive manual tasks and offers you an easy way to set up actions that happen automatically when something specific happens.

Helps you make freight forwarding operations seamless as the automation applies to major entities such as shipments, receivables, and payable invoices.

Minimizes errors caused by forgetting tasks and makes it easier to follow up on specific tasks, which saves you valuable time and resources.

Start Today and Transform Your Operations

Apply Automation Triggers to Shipments, Masters, Quotes, AR Invoices, AP Invoices, Containers, and Workflows.



Tailored Outcomes for Each Entity, Offering Flexibility to Achieve Your Goals

There is a “Results” section in the Automation Module where you will define the action that gets triggered when your conditions (one or more) are met.

Tailored outcomes for each entity,


The Email result is available in all entities. The email is sent automatically when the conditions occur. And it can be sent to one person or more.


Follow-up results (F/U Creation, Docs Out F/U Creation, and Docs In F/U Creation) are available in Shipment, Master, and Quote automations. Define them at the entity level or for specific printed/sent documents.

Constant Updates

Event Creation takes care of updating shipment statuses automatically, while Set Field Value handles the task of updating field values for shipments and quotes.

Achieve Your Desired Outcomes

Automation Examples

When a new direct shipment is created, the system should automatically trigger either the creation of an Arrival Notice follow-up document or send an email notification to a designated user or contact.

direct shipment is created with automatically trigger
automatic email for shipment

An automatic email will be sent to let you know as soon as your import shipment arrives.

A follow-up should be created for the operational users a few days before the ETD to remind them to file documents like Importer Security Filling (ISF).

operational users follow-up

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