2.1. Can I pay by wire transfer?

Yes. But, please note that payment by wire transfer is allowed only for annual subscriptions, and only in US dollars. It requires additional $16 for transfer fees. It might also require local bank transfer fees.

To perform a wire transfer payment, see instructions in What are the steps for paying by wire transfer?

2.2. What are the steps for paying by wire transfer?

Step 1: Select the subscription option

In the ribbon at the top of your Logitude page, besides the settings icon, click the button and select the relevant subscription option.

If you don’t find this icon  , this means that you’re missing the billing role for your user. Please, contact your colleague whom is responsible to manage the payments of your company.

Step 2: Submit order details

In the Secure Order Form, do the following:

  1. In the Secure Order Information section, choose the Wire Transfer option. The Quantity field (in the right of the screen) shows the number of users. Change it if necessary.
  2. Click Next.

Step 3: Review order details and wire transfer order instructions

The Wire Transfer Order Instructions page contains the details of the bank account to which the payment should be transferred.

Review the details of your order in this page, and read the instructions.



Step 4: Print order invoice and transfer the payment

In the Wire Transfer Order Instructions page, click the Print button to display the order invoice for the bank.


Follow these instructions, and perform the necessary steps:

Print the order invoice for the bank, and transfer the stated Total amount, which includes the processing fee and the wire fee.

The total amount must be paid in US Dollars only.

Fees: Make sure you pay all the fees that apply to the transfer. There are three types of fees associated:

  • Manual processing fee charged by Bluesnap: $8.00 (automatically added in the order)
  • Wire fee charged by Bluesnap: $8.00 (automatically added in the order)
  • Bank fees: Please note that if you do not pay the bank fees, your subscription will end earlier to cover for the amount.

Make sure the bank includes the order Reference Number in the wire transfer transmittal (your order cannot be processed without it).

Once the payment is transferred, notify us by sending an email with the order document (including order number) and the bank proof of the transfer (Bluesnap will notify us only after the payment was received, which can take several days).

The bank will transfer the payment to Bluesnap within a couple of business days, but it may take up to five more days for Bluesnap to complete the order. Bluesnap will send you a confirmation email regarding the payment.

For assistance about a purchase, you can contact Bluesnap via their Shopper Support page: support@bluesnap.zendesk.com or call Bluesnap directly at +1 (866) 312-7733.

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