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What is the best logistics software for my business?

Do you need logistics software, or rather, what business doesn't need logistics software solution? Time is a valuable resource and productivity needs to increase. For this purpose, every company undoubtedly needs to manage the logistics process. A well-designed and customized platform can greatly facilitate the work of any management staff, accounting department, contractors, etc. Logistics software management system will give you the ability to control supply chain actions, streamline internal processes, and contribute to greater profitability.   What is logistics software and when is it appropriate to implement it? Almost every industry needs good logistics in order to better fulfill

Logistics Management Software vs Third Party Logistics

Logistics Management Software vs Third Party Logistics When businesses grow large enough to need shipping beyond their local area, they may encounter a pretty common dilemma: should they choose Third Party Logistics or 3PL or should they go with Logistics Software Solutions? When it comes to making shipments that are too large to benefit financially from parcel shipping and too small to benefit from using a full truckload, small to midsized freight logistics companies look to third party logistics or 3PL. 3PL can help companies get the best deals on less-than truckloads or LTL shipping. 3PLs can also integrate shipping

Finding the Best Freight Broker Software

Finding the Best Freight Broker Software A lot of freight brokers need software that incorporates different applications to maximize their business’s efficiency. Freight management software, also called transportation management software (TMS) can help these companies manage all aspects of business by organizing and standardizing their system. With an abundance of freight management software available, selecting the software that’s right for your business can prove difficult. So how does one choose the best software? No freight broker software is created the equal, though they may have the same function. Every company believes their software to be the best. Regardless of a

What International Freight Forwarders Can Do For Your Business

What International Freight Forwarders Can Do For Your Business Importing and exporting goods takes more than transporting a good from one country to another. Importing and exporting involves packaging products, clearing customs, and insuring goods in case something happens. Hiring an international freight forwarder specialize in forwarding goods internationally and can ensure the necessary steps are taken to get your packages to their destination safely and legally. Freight forwarder’s primary job is to secure the transportation of your goods so that they reach their destination. Logistics specialists will arrange for transport from your warehouse or factory to the location you

Why every transportation broker needs freight forwarding software

Why Every Transportation Broker needs Freight Forwarding Software Whether you are new to the transportation logistics industry or have worked in the field for many years, the role of a freight broker may seem somewhat arcane. To the outside observer, it might seem like they just find a way to move the freight from point A to point B, but it is much more complicated than that. The freight broker has the unenviable job of working with shippers and carriers to coordinate action in an industry that never stands still. They are not only responsible for negotiating prices for freight

5 skills the technical support reps of logistics management software must have

5 Skills the Technical Support Reps of Logistics Management Software must have When you are looking to use a freight forwarding system, you’ll need a rep to either sell the system or to train your people to use it. Freight forwarding systems are the key to an effective logistics system. Therefore, it’s essential that the rep involved has the following five essential skills required to facilitate the training and operation of the system. 1. Ability to listen The technical support rep of your logistics software for freight forwarders needs to have excellent listening skills. They need to be able to

Logistics Management Program: The Right Solution For Your Company

Logistics Management Program: The right solution for your company Are you looking for a new solution to your shipping process? In shipping, logistics management is an aspect of supply chain management (SCM) that encapsulates planning and executing the flow of goods from the distributor to the retailer or the customer. Usually, for small businesses, it's costly to hire a team of experts or a third-party logistics provider to implement an innovative and comprehensive logistics management program. Nonetheless, both big and small businesses need personnel who can efficiently manage accounts receivable and inventory, because they are an integral part of supply

Selecting an appropriate international freight forwarding service

Selecting an appropriate international freight forwarding service International freight forwarding companies can be an invaluable source that can save you both time and money. They can, however, create serious problems with a shipping order if a freight forwarder fails to follow procedure or does not have the means to meet your shipping requirements. Determining the freight forwarder you require necessitates an understanding of both what a freight forwarder is and how to choose one that can fulfill your shipping needs. First, a freight forwarder is different than a shipping company. A freight forwarder is a company that works with shipping

5 key advantages of transportation logistics software

5 key advantages of transportation logistics software If you're interested in taking your logistics business to greater heights, sometimes a vision for the future and a competitive team simply aren't enough. In order to achieve greater things, you need an efficient transportation logistics software application. This type of approach will not only streamline your operations by making information recovery efficient and quicker, but it will also optimize your transportation rates. If this sounds desirable to you and your business, then let's consider five of the main advantages of logistics management software and the best way to find a software solution

Smart Technologies For Freight Forwarders

Smart Technologies For Freight Forwarders Freight forwarders operate in an industry where the effects of advances in technology are difficult to predict. There is always a risk of delay, human error, and accidents affecting import and export of different products. The primary goal of freight forwarders is to guarantee that products will get to their destinations within an agreeable timeline and in pristine condition. To ensure effective freight forwarding, industry players are considering the adoption of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT). AI has been well-adapted in the transportation industry. AI utilizes observed data to forecast occurrences

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