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What are the benefits of logistics automation?

Logistics automation is the best thing that can happen in business. Unlike some other fields of activity, a large number of specialists are involved here, many processes are carried out and each stage is extremely important because it contributes to the smooth movement of goods along the chain. The benefits of logistics automation are countless […]

What is expedited shipping?

What is expedited shipping?

What is expedited shipping? In simple terms, it is a process of sending a shipment faster than the usual method. However, this is associated with a higher price because you receive a more urgent service and any freight forwarding company will prepare you an offer “expedited” according to the conditions under which it operates. Each […]

what is overnight shipping?

What is overnight shipping?

What is overnight delivery? Some see it as next-day delivery or one-day delivery. Overnight accommodation is such a delivery opportunity that guarantees customers that they will receive their order the next day. It all depends on several factors, but every seller strives to offer express and timely deliveries. This option is quite good as there […]

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Why is logistics management important in the supply chain?

When it comes to sales, one of the most important aspects of a successful transition is well-organized logistics. This statement is known to every business leader who has gone through many obstacles to achieving enviable success. Logistics management plays a key role in solving any supply chain problem, as well as in highlighting the company […]

logistics management software

What are the key challenges in logistics management today?

Logistics process management has always been a complex task, but with time it becomes even more laborious. Almost every business, irrespective of the field of activity, needs the sale and purchase of materials, goods, and others that need to be transported to a specific place. The truth is, that the need for logistics today is […]

What is the difference between logistics and transportation?

What is the difference between logistics and transportation?

Logistics is a more complex process than transport. It requires greater organization and precision at each stage, as it involves the entire flow of goods in and out. Logistics companies take care of the movement of goods from the place of production until they are delivered to the final customer. Many things can go wrong […]

What does a freight forwarder do?

What does a freight forwarder do?

Everyone may have heard the term “freight forwarder”, but they are a little confused by the main activity they perform. Many people confuse the freight forwarder with a transport company, a distribution manager, an import and export person. In fact, the specialist person assumes some of these responsibilities, but in fact he can be specifically […]

What are the major components of logistics management?

Technology is advancing at full strength, which is also changing the process of supply chains. Each entrepreneur is looking for a way to improve the efficiency and time management of goods, materials, orders, in-house production, freight, etc. It is efficiency and speed are the main factors that determine the high quality of work, and customers […]

How do freight brokers find shippers

How do freight brokers find shippers?

Freight brokers are agents who seek to find reliable freight forwarders to contact the carriers for the purpose of moving cargo. However, research in this regard, as well as customer acquisition, is challenging for sales representatives. To do this, they have to use many different methods and take more time to provide the best for […]

what is freight management

What is freight management?

Every business owner operating in the commodity market is looking for the most cost-effective solution. This includes activities from the very production, storage and transportation of the goods to their final destination. This expresses cargo management, but it hides other logistics operations, a lot of human resources and the competence of the governing bodies. Each […]

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