what is freight management

Every business owner operating in the commodity market is looking for the most cost-effective solution. This includes activities from the very production, storage and transportation of the goods to their final destination. This expresses cargo management, but it hides other logistics operations, a lot of human resources and the competence of the governing bodies. Each manager must achieve the best coordination between freight forwarders and carriers in order to transport cargo quickly and safely. Cargo and freight management involves many tariffs and fees that must be negotiated in order to be cost effective for the customer.

What is freight management?


Managing any load, small or large, requires exceptional professionalism and knowledge of its delivery. The process is lengthy and engaging and companies need to monitor the movement of supply chains at every stage. Coordination of shipments involves the basic movement of certain goods from one place to another – inside or outside the country.

In addition, however, all expenses with the freight forwarders are commented, which requires full control of the finances, monitoring the levels of current stocks, maintaining certain quantities of stocks. The cargo management procedure can be performed by a logistics specialist or an administrative person in a third country. The competition for such services is high, with everyone striving to provide the customer with a reduction in shipping fees, which results in higher revenues for businesses.

So, if you are in the process of looking for a freight management service, you are betting on proven and proven companies in the industry. Do not hesitate to ask for information about their work and the duration of the tasks. To a large extent, the availability of logistical software suggests greater professionalism, route optimization, shipment tracking, etc. Thanks to a reliable system, larger strategies are implemented in managing each shipment.


Cargo management professional characteristics


Wondering what are the main things that a good specialist recognizes? Wondering who to entrust to one of the main activities of your business – the movement of shipments from one destination to another? Maybe your head just spins that you want to do it yourself. Keep in mind that the whole process is extremely time-consuming, but you can still try by following the tips below:


A successful business plan

The key to success lies in good and thorough planning down to the smallest detail. Customize a business plan that meets your current financial capabilities, implement logistics software with the categories you need, according to the type and scale of the business. Be realistic when setting your small and big goals, think about challenges and how to handle them, analyze, etc.


Smartphone applications

There are numerous mobile applications of all kinds, including assistance with cargo management. These include GPS tracking, LTL carrier tracking, brokers, bill of lading, fuel efficiency tracking and more. You can certainly find a reliable tool that is easy to operate at any time through the phone. This will bring benefits to the company in the long run.


Software or transport management system

Mobile applications can help you to some extent with micro businesses, but specialized software will optimize the work of the entire team within the company. Thanks to an appropriate system, you could significantly reduce manual labor, because many processes will be automatic.



Don’t linger in one place, waiting for a big deal to fall. Be interested in what’s happening in the market – do extensive research, look for business expansion opportunities, get more marketing, and create content on your business website (if you don’t have one, don’t delay creating one).


Rich Experience

Keep in mind that in the beginning cargo management will seem like a mission impossible, but with experience, things will improve. In order not to lose key clients initially because of ignorance, you can start with a specialist or get an assistant. Be careful not to forget a small detail in every operation when you are still barefoot as a cargo manager. You will have a direct connection with freight forwarders, logistics specialists and suppliers – these are your focus.


Good communication with the various units in the supply chain

In order to meet all the requirements and to be honest in the smallest detail to end customers, you need to communicate. Transportation providers can offer you many different solutions to achieve your desired goal. Before you share your problem (the need for a faster delivery or a more limited budget), you can’t solve it – it comes with a lot of advice, analysis and a proper assessment of the situation.


Emphasis the packing phase

The load must be very well secured to avoid losses and claims. The packaging phase is an important part of the process, so do not underestimate it, but be assured of conserving the load. Some shipments also require more special needs – for example, fragile items, animal transport, etc.


High quality assurance

If you trust the professionals, you need to make sure that they will be able to do the job for you quickly and efficiently.  A good freight management expert should have a close relationship with different suppliers in order to offer the most optimal route and mode of transport. They should also be able to provide you with a quality program, respond quickly and correctly in the event of unforeseen situations, etc.

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