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6 Key Tips for Selecting the Right Freight Forwarding Software

As the vibrant celebrations of Chinese New Year started, it’s not only the streets that come alive with festivities but also the shipping industry experiences a notable shift. Freight forwarders, the unseen heroes behind the scenes of global commerce, find themselves navigating through a unique challenge during this festive season. Experienced freight forwarders plan by […]

Freight Logistics Software

How To Impress Customers Through Freight Logistics Software

In the ever-expanding world of the freight and logistics market (which is expected to reach an incredible 7.54 trillion USD by 2029 according to a Mordor Intelligence report). Success goes beyond simply managing operations. Many customers jump ship from their freight forwarders because of bad service. The user experience of software also plays a significant […]

Logistics Management Software

How Technology is Shaping Logistics and Freight Forwarding

Imagine a world where international trade is as smooth as ordering coffee from your local cafe. That’s right, no more time-consuming paperwork, and no more errors due to outdated workflows. Well, the good news is that it’s not a dream anymore; technology is turning it into reality, with freight forwarding software leading the charge. This […]

containerized freight

What is containerized freight?

Container loads are no different than others, but there are some characteristics for specific deliveries. Containerization is a common practice, with wide application and many advantages. Earlier use of containers began with larger carriers, hence the great development of this process.  What is meant by containerization? Generally speaking, containerization is the process of transporting goods […]

What is certificate of origin?

A certificate of origin is a document used in international trade. You might come across it as CO, which has the same meaning. The exporter is most interested in this valuable document because it declares the official origin of the goods. In short, the CA confirms that the contents of a consignment guarantee that goods […]

logistics Digital Transformation

What is Digital Transformation in Logistics?

Studies in the logistics industry show a clear need to update current work models. Logistics, supply chain, and shipping managers need more flexibility in business operations to optimize the entire process. This will only improve the overall customer service and reduce some manual operations, which will save a lot of costs for one company. Today, […]

economy shipping

What Is Economy Shipping – What It Means & How It Works?

What is economy delivery? What does it mean and how does it work? These are the questions that make any fan of online commerce excited. If you are one of the people looking for the best deals, then browse for items that offer free shipping or so-called low-cost shipping. Trade is a driving force in […]

Harmonized Tariff Codes in international trade

HTS Code Harmonized Tariff Codes

HTS code is an integral part of international trade. These harmonized tariff codes have been developed by the World Customs Organization (WCO). They represent a standardized international system for the classification of goods dispatched. They enable tracking and receiving information on the number of goods of a given type from different countries. Now is the […]

Incoterm tool

What is Incoterms?

Anyone involved in international trade knows very well the Incoterms phenomenon. It actually means International Trade Conditions. It regulates the process between sellers and buyers, and more precisely ensures that there is no confusion. Incoterms is a very useful tool for communication and for establishing correct relations in the process of goods delivery between different […]

Best trucking companies

Top trucking companies

Every company must constantly improve and struggle to stand out from the rest of its competitors in the market. The fact that one year is at the top does not mean that one cannot stay in the back position very quickly. There are many profitable companies in the transportation sector that are increasing their sales […]

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