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Advanced Freight Forwarding Software

5 Signs It’s Time to Find Advanced Freight Forwarding Software

Navigating the dynamic landscape of logistics, and staying ahead of the competition is essential. We understand how keeping ahead can feel like dealing with a maze of ever-changing routes. That’s why we’re diving into the heart of global trade to explore the game-changing world of freight forwarding.  Efficiency, accuracy, and adaptability aren’t buzzwords here; they’re […]

Success in Freight Forwarding

Four Mistakes to Avoid for Success in Freight Forwarding

You’ve probably noticed that the freight industry is going through some serious digital transformation, right? It’s kind of a big deal!  Smart freight forwarders like you are getting in on the action by embracing cutting-edge freight forwarding software. Why, you ask? Well, these innovative technologies are like superpowers that can help you step up your […]

Freight Forwarding System

5 Ways Freight Forwarding Systems Can Help Freight Forwarders Retain Customers

You know, in the busy world of the freight forwarding industry, it’s important to keep your current customers happy and find ways to boost sales with them. Freight forwarders, are heroes, making sure logistics operations run smoothly. But how can they use tech stuff to sell more to the people they already work with? Well, […]

Freight forwarding software solutions

Freight Forwarders’ Secret to Lasting Customer Connections

Today we are exploring the world of freight forwarding. Just picture us sitting together over a warm cup of coffee, diving deep into the importance of customer service and communication. It’s a world where the bond between freight forwarders and their customers goes beyond mere transactions. It’s about building strong relationships, encouraging transparency, and making […]

fright forwarding company

Who are the top freight forwarding companies in the world?

The forwarding is very well developed and offers high-level services. There are both large and small companies that are characterized by efficiency, lower costs, and fast service. In the following lines, we will look at the leaders in the market of freight forwarding services, worldwide.  Who are the leading shipping companies in the world? The […]

Strategic Cooperation Announcement with Logitude

A long-awaited Memorandum of Understanding – MoU has been recently signed by Logitude. It is an exceptional achievement in the logistics business. After negotiations and clarifications, the final task is completed. Logitude’s bundled service provides a number of benefits for businesses and consumers because it removes some barriers and requires improved implementation of the logistics […]

freight forwarding system

10 Questions To Ask When Buying A Freight Forwarding System

Trade-in goods between two or more countries require a serious attitude towards forwarding. The freight forwarding business is extremely tasked with a number of tasks that it needs to accomplish in order to ensure smooth delivery to the final destination. Forwarders are challenged to cope with legal requirements and rules (must be aware of any […]

Incoterm tool

What is Incoterms?

Anyone involved in international trade knows very well the Incoterms phenomenon. It actually means International Trade Conditions. It regulates the process between sellers and buyers, and more precisely ensures that there is no confusion. Incoterms is a very useful tool for communication and for establishing correct relations in the process of goods delivery between different […]

Best trucking companies

Top trucking companies

Every company must constantly improve and struggle to stand out from the rest of its competitors in the market. The fact that one year is at the top does not mean that one cannot stay in the back position very quickly. There are many profitable companies in the transportation sector that are increasing their sales […]

logistics management services

Why is logistics management important in the supply chain?

When it comes to sales, one of the most important aspects of a successful transition is well organized logistics. This statement is known to every business leader who has gone through many obstacles to achieving enviable success. Logistics management plays a key role in solving any supply chain problem, as well as in highlighting the […]

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