Importing and exporting goods takes more than transporting a good from one country to another. Importing and exporting involves packaging products, clearing customs, and insuring goods in case something happens. Hiring an international freight forwarder specializes in forwarding goods internationally and can ensure the necessary steps are taken to get your packages to their destination safely and legally.
A freight forwarder’s primary job is to secure the transportation of your goods so that they reach their destination. Logistics specialists will arrange for transport from your warehouse or factory to the location you specify. And they can do this through four means of transportation: rail, sea, road, or air. There are usually two main modes of transportation of goods. A freight forward can use a train to transport goods to a port and then forward goods by sea internationally.
International freight forwarders usually offer comprehensive services including the package of goods. While this may be an additional cost, it benefits your company as the freight forwarders assume more responsibility for the safe delivery of your goods, adding to the value of insurance.
Each country’s customs law may vary, so freight forwarders handling the customs paperwork is another benefit to you. The logistics team will usually work with international customs agents or brokers who specialize in clearing customs in different countries. When a freight forwarding company has a large network of specialists and agents they work with, they can be more efficient in getting your goods through customs without any hiccups.
Shipping goods internationally takes a lot of paperwork. Your company must use the proper documentation for various tasks and legal protection.
In addition to assisting your company with the proper paperwork, freight forwarders also handle inventory management, supply chain management, insurance, and much more. While the shipping company will cover some of the liability, you will likely need a separate policy, usually purchased through them. If your inventory has to stay in another warehouse during the process, the shipping company will manage your inventory and the supply chain management will broker the exchange of goods between your company and your client.
You want to select a high-quality Freight forwarding service with a reputation for comprehensive and flexible work. Look for a freight forwarding company that is cost-effective and has a record of successful outcomes.
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