Logitude Release Notes – Version R4.20
September 2020

Logitude World provides the first true online freight forwarding software solution. It combines the power of cloud computing and modern technologies with a deep understanding of the Freight Forwarding Industry.

Since Logitude’s SaaS solution is rich in software modules, Release Notes are regularly issued to keep users up-to-date about new features and enhancements, as well as changes that were made since the previous release.

This version of the Release Notes introduces new features and functionalities, and describes existing features that were enhanced.

Enhanced Features

Improvements in BI Reports (available for business Package)

Download BI Reports with Totals 

The Download Excel File (Advanced) option has been added to the BI reports (from the Download button), for downloading reports with totals. After choosing this option, select the Include Totals checkbox in the Export Advanced Settings window.

Creating Reports based on Shipment Charges Fact 

Group of Charges 

The BI Reports module now allows you to design reports based on the Shipment Charges fact, showing the payable and/or receivable amounts for a group of charge types that you define while selecting the report columns. 

Shipments Fact Fields in Shipment Charges Fact

While designing a report based on the Shipment Charges fact, the Query Builder now provides you with all the fields of the Shipments fact as well as those of the Shipment Charges. These new fields appear under the same category names as when working with the Shipments fact in the Query Builder.

New Fields in the Shipments Fact 

The OBL Type, Containers Numbers and Types Array fields are now available for adding to BI reports based on the Shipments or Shipment Charges fact.

Private Data Warehouse DB

Shipment Charges in Data Warehouse DB

When using the Data Warehousing (DWH) feature that allows admission to your private database, you will now be able to see the fields available under the Shipment Charges fact in the BI Reports module, in addition to the fields of the Shipments fact.

To have your own Data Warehouse DB, please contact us at support@logitudeworld.com.

Quote Enhancements

Quotes Dashboard 

The following adjustments have been made in the Quotes Dashboard charts:

  • Quote Conversion by Product: the Created and Draft quotes are excluded from the chart.
  • Top 5 Salesmen: will contain only quotes that are “accepted”.

Sorting Quote Charges

The sorting function has been introduced to the list of charges in quotes so that users can easily detect missing details without having to go through the entire list several times, especially when the list is very long. The list of charges can be sorted by any of the columns including name, amounts, quantity, and prices.

Cross Docks Import Improvements

More developments have been introduced to the Cross Docks module to improve the connection between the shipment warehouse leg and Cross Docks entries and releases.

One Cross Dock Release from Shipment Delivery

In import shipments where it is possible to create a cross dock release from a delivery leg, the option has been limited to a single release. This means that only one active release can be connected to a delivery leg.

CFS Warehouse: Single Cross Dock Entry and Release

The CFS Warehouse Management option is now available in import shipments. If the warehouse specified in the Routings tab of the shipment is defined as CFS, there will be a limitation to create a single cross dock entry and a single cross dock release. This means that all the packages of a shipment will enter the warehouse at once and leave also at once.

Over Manifest Event for Entry Packages

When adding packages to the cross docks entries in shipments, the system will issue a warning message if the number is greater than the number of packages in the shipment itself. It will also create an Over Manifest event in the shipment, describing in the notes area the exceeding number of packages.

Shipment Adjustments

Warehouse Statuses

In the warehouse leg of both import and export shipments, updating the actual dates of the entry and release will update the shipment events and adjust the shipment status to Warehouse Entry/Warehouse Release.

OBL Types 

The OBL types have been updated to include Seaway and BL Surrender.

Report Adjustments: Statement Filters 

Two new filters have been added to the Statement report:

  • Accounts: Users can choose to show only AR or AP accounts in the statement, in addition to the default All that will show both.
  • Invoice/Payments: Users can choose to show invoices or payments only, in addition to the default All.

Automation Improvements

System Automations

Logitude now supplies automations which you can activate in your environment as needed. 

Set Fields Value: Warehouse Actual Entry and Release Date 

The Warehouse Actual Entry Date and Warehouse Actual Release Date have been added to the list of fields whose values can be set as a result of shipment automation. 

Regional Tax – for Countries that Manage Regional tax 

Regional tax calculation can be applied to quote charges by simply choosing the relevant regional tax after activating the VAT calculation in the quote.

Mexican Market – SAT-Profact Interface Improvements

Mandatory Field Validation

An error message will be issued when trying to void a receivable invoice/payment that is missing values in mandatory fields (like metodo pago and forma pago).

QuickBooks Adjustments

The Void mechanism for voiding accounting entities that have been transmitted to QBO has been adjusted to enable users to easily void AR/AP invoices and payments.

Mail Messages 

Dates and Numbers in Mail Messages

The values of date and number fields in mail templates will be formatted  based on the default definitions in Local Settings (Maintenance | System Settings | Local Settings). For example, if you define the date format as MM/dd/yyyy, all the dates in your messages will be sent in this way.

New Help & Training Resources 

The Help Center is continually enriched with helpful training materials that provide answers to your inquiries and help you better understand the system’s features. The following has been added recently:

  • Automation Module – a new tutorial that shows how to work with the Automation Module to manage automatic tasks. 
  • API – User’s Guide – an updated version that includes the new shipment fields included in the API.

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