Logitude Release Notes – Version R4.18
September 2018

Logitude World provides the first true online freight forwarding software solution. It combines the power of cloud computing and modern technologies with a deep understanding of the Freight Forwarding Industry.
Since Logitude’ SaaS solution is rich in software modules, Release Notes are regularly issued to keep users up-to-date about new features and enhancements, as well as changes that were made since the previous release.
This version of the Release Notes introduces new features and functionalities, and describes existing features that were enhanced.

New Features

Filing Inbox – Document Filing from Email

The new Filing Inbox module offers an alternative solution to the Outlook Connection Add-In that is used to synchronize Outlook with Logitude Activities and Documents. This module operates even when your mail is not connected to an Exchange Server.
Filing Inbox is available only for First Class package customers. It allows users to file email attachments – especially documents from customers, carriers or other partners, directly under the Docs In tab of a selected shipment or quote. Each user in Filing Inbox is assigned an inbox to which emails from Outlook and other mail accounts are sent. The user opens the emails in his workspace from where he can perform the document filing actions.
For more details about this feature, please contact us at https://support@logitudeworld.zendesk.com.

Multiple Currency AP Payments

The Multiple Currency feature has been developed in the Accounts Payable – Payments module in order to accommodate for situations where AP invoices are received in different currencies but payment needs to be made in local currency, or vice versa. It provides the following options:

  •   Invoices in any currency can be connected to a payment in a local currency.
  • Invoices issued in a local currency can be connected to a payment in foreign currency.

This feature can be activated by setting on the Enable multi-currency AP payments parameter under the Account Payables section in Accounting | Settings | Accounting Settings.

Quantity as Unit of Measurement (UOM)

The Quantity unit of measurement (UOM) has been added to the Units of Measurement table, and it can be used both for cost and sales charges in shipments and in quotes. Assigning this UOM to one of the charges in quotes or shipments, will automatically fill the Quantity field with the total number of packages in the relevant entity. Using this UOM can replace the use of multiple charge lines with the Fixed unit of measure.

Shared Logistics with Agents

The following new features in the Shared Logistics with Agents module are available for customers with the Business Package or higher.

Pouch – Sharing Documents between Agents via Email

In addition to the capability of sharing documents between two agent environments via Logitude, a new functionality now allows sharing the documents via email. Once the sharing documents settings are defined, clicking the Docs Shared with Agent link in the Send Message dialog box opens the Share Documents window with the option to attach documents directly to your email.

Share Documents – Build and Upload

In the Share Documents dialog box, you can now build and upload documents so they become ready for sharing directly. From here, you can also view and update the documents. These new options make it easy to have all the documents ready for sharing from the same dialog box.

Enhanced Features

Accounting Improvements

Adaptations to Mexican SAT via Profact 3.3 Interface

  • New SAT Accounting Views: In order to quickly solve the problems in all the invoices and payments that failed to open in SAT due to a certain issue, the following views have been added to the Accounts Receivables tab in Accounting:

SAT Failed Invoices under the Invoices section
SAT Failed Payments under the Payments section

  • The Forma Pago value cannot be set to “Por Definir 99” in invoices when the Metodo Pago is “PUE-Pago en una sola exhibición”.
  • Payments with Forma Pago set to “Por Definir 99” cannot be transferred to SAT.
  • In a payment, you are allowed to connect invoices with Metodo Pago similar to the one defined at the payment level. This means that a payment with Metodo Pago “PPD – Pago en parcialidades o diferido” can connect only to invoices with the same Metodo Pago PPD.  The same goes for the PUE value of Metodo Pago.
  • Invoices with PUE can be connected with one payment. This means that when you connect an invoice with PUE, all of its amount will be closed and it will not be possible to further manage the amount.

QuickBooks Online Interfaces  – Transferring All Types of AR Invoices

We are happy to announce that all accounting invoices (including customs invoices, auto credits, credit notes, etc.) generated via Logitude are now being taken into consideration for transferring via the Online QuickBooks US and Global Interfaces.
For more information or assistance, please forward your inquiry to support@logitudeworld.zendesk.com

Accounting Payment Methods Table

In the new Accounting Payment Methods table under Maintenance | Billings, it is possible to create your own payment methods (including fields such as value date, payment reference, bank, bank branch and account), which can be used both for receivables and payables payments.
The Enabled for AR Payments option needs to be set in order to use the payment method in receivable payments. The Enabled for AP Payments option needs to be set in order to use the payment method in payables payments.

Notes Display in Receivable Invoice

The Notes added by the operational team to the charge lines of unaccounted receivables, via the Receivables tab of a shipment, are now displayed to Accounting when working with the actual invoice for those receivables, and they are also printed on the invoice.

Improvements in Containers Follow Up – Import Shipments

Linking Shipment Containers with Delivery Packages

The Connect Packages button has been added to the Packages tab of the Container Delivery, for connecting packages. This makes it possible to link different containers to the same delivery.
The changes in the Container Delivery leg will affect all the containers connected to that delivery. For example, if the date of the delivery is updated from the delivery leg, the date will change in all connected containers.

New Query Columns

The following query columns have been added to the Containers Follow Up views – In Transit, Arrived Not Delivered and Delivered not Returned:

  • Vessel Name: to display the vessel from the main carriage leg.
  • Shipment Notes: to display the notes of the corresponding shipment.

Report Improvements

Improvements have been introduced to the following reports:

  • The Accounting Ledger can be run for all partners, and not only for a specific partner as before.
  • Both reports Statistics by Customers and Statistics by Agents can be filtered not just by Create Date but also by Operational Date. In addition, they were redesigned to show the records grouped by customers and agents.
  • The Inventory Report can now print more details, like shipment number, internal notes and special instructions.
  • In the Accounting Ledger and Statement reports the payment method can now be printed in a separate column.
  • The Container Details by Voyage report now prints data grouped by voyage number, vessel and shipping line details.

CRM Enhancements

Activities Views

  • The new advanced filter Created By can be used to retrieve the activities created by a certain user.
  •  For Phone Call activities, the Call With query column can be added to activity views.

Customer Views

The Competitor filter can be used to create a list of customers for the same competitor.

CRM Dashboard Presentation for Custom Selected Time Frame

As in other dashboards in Logitude, the performance and activity statistics in CRM dashboards can now also be presented for any time frame, and not only for the predefined ranges as before (last 7 days, last month, etc.). Selecting the Custom option from the Time Range picklist, enables you to choose dates for any period of  time.

Additional Fields Section in the Customs Tab

The Additional Fields section that has been added to the Customs tab in shipments, is intended for managing your own custom fields. To add new fields to this section, please contact us at support@logitudeworld.zendesk.com

Contact List Adjustments

Sortable Notes Column

The Contacts List, opened from the Send Message dialog box for choosing the mail recipients, can now be sorted by the Notes column for easier selection of contacts.

All Users Tab

The All Users tab has been added to the Contacts List dialog box, which lists all the active users in your environment. You can navigate to that tab to add a user as a recipient of the outgoing email.

Partner Reference

The Reference 1 field has been added to the Notify 1, Notify 2, Shipper Not Exporter and Consignee Not Importer partners in a shipment. It appears in the Add Partner dialog box after you select the partner type via the Add Partners button in the Partners tab of the shipment.

Document Received Date in Docs In

The way the Received Date field works in Docs In of shipments, quotes, and other entities has been improved. When a document is uploaded to Docs In, the Received Date will now automatically show the date of the upload. This date can be changed using the date picker in the field.

Search Quotes by Notes

You can search quote records now also by Notes. 

State Column in Search Screens

In all Partner (Customers, Truckers, Agents…) and Port Search screens, the State column has been added next to the Country column. It shows the state for records where the state is defined for the country.

Commodity Code Increased Size

The size of the Commodity Code has been increased from 7 to 15 digits. However, the restrictions remain for e-AWB and INTTRA transmissions.

New Query Columns

The following columns are available for use in queries:

Partner Queries (Customers, Agents, Truckers, and others)

  • Primary Contact Name: Displays the name of the primary contact of the partner.
  • Primary Contact Email: Displays the email address of the partner’s primary contact.

Operational Queries

  • Last Shared Event Date: Displays the date of the last shared event in the shipment.

Container Follow Up Queries

  • Vessel Name: Displays the vessel from the main carriage leg.
  • Shipment Notes: Displays the notes of the container from the corresponding shipment.

New Variables in Documents

Several new variables have been added to different documents:

  • Agent Reference 1 and 2 can be printed on the shipment invoice template.
  • Inside Packages Details grouped by type, can be used both in the Shipping Declaration and the Forwarder’s Bill of Lading templates.
  • The name of the user who prints the AWB labels can be shown in all AWB Labels templates.
  • Both the Currency Code and Currency Name variables can be printed in the receivable charges list in the Forwarder’s Bill of Lading.
  • Vendor Name for each payable charge can be printed on the Shipping Declaration template.

To add these variables to your templates, contact us at support@logitudeworld.zendesk.com and we will be more than happy to assist you!

New Help & Training Resources

The Help Center is continually enriched with helpful training materials that provide answers to your inquiries and help you better understand the system’s features. The following has been added recently:

  •  Filing Inbox – a new tutorial that explains how to work with the Filing Inbox module.

Contact Information

For more information or to log in to Logitude, please visit www.logitudeworld.com.
For questions or remarks regarding these release notes, please open a ticket at  support@logitudeworld.zendesk.com.
For Sales, please contact:info@logitudeworld.com
Happy New Release!
The Logitude World Team

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