Logitude World provides the first true online freight forwarding software solution. It combines the power of cloud computing and modern technologies with a deep understanding of the Freight Forwarding Industry.
Since Logitude’s SaaS solution is rich in software modules, Release Notes are regularly issued to keep users up-to-date about new features and enhancements, as well as changes that were made since the previous release.
This version of the Release Notes introduces new features and functionalities, and describes existing features that were enhanced.

Developments for Mexican Customers

SAT Integration

A new accounting interface – Profact – is currently being developed for transferring receivable invoices to the government organization SAT. Via this interface, your invoice details will be sent to SAT, and in turn SAT will send back all the necessary information to be printed in your invoice template via Logitude.
To customize your invoice to show all these details and print directly from Logitude, please contact us.

Global QuickBooks Interface for SAT

We have made several adjustments so that invoices transferred using the Global QBO interface will be suitable to be sent to SAT.

Multi-Percentage VAT Types

The new Multi-Percent VAT Types feature has also been adapted to the Mexican market. When the Multi-Percentage VAT Types feature is switched on (via a parameter in your Accounting Settings), it is possible to create a VAT type that consists of multiple VAT rates. The rates are accumulative, and both positive and negative rates can be included. Multiple-percentage VAT types can be administered per line in receivable and payable invoices.

Mexican States

A pick list for the Mexican states has been built (State field) so that users can select a state instead of entering it manually.

Archivo Exportado Report

The new Archivo Exportado report under Accounting in the Reports menu presents the receivables and the payables of shipment files, per customer bill.  It also contains details such as the invoice date and the user who created the invoice.


In addition to the Accounting Module, several other parts of the system are being translated to Spanish.

Developments for Moroccan Customers


The DUM No. (declaration number for Customs) can be added to shipments, under the General tab. It can also be printed on invoices.

Customs Documents

The following Customs document templates (in French) have been added to Logitude’s Document Library:

  • Eur 1: a document for Customs according to European Union regulations.
  • Certificat d’origine: Certificate of Origin.
  • Certificat d’origine pour les pays arabes: Certificate of Origin for Arab states.
  • Avis d’Exportation: a document for exporting goods to countries outside the European Union.

New Features

Global QuickBooks Online Interface

With the Global QuickBooks Online interface, a further development in the Logitude-QuickBooks Online connection, you will be able to transfer to QuickBooks Online receivable and payable invoices that are not restricted to a single VAT percentage per invoice. To start using the Pilot version, please contact us.

Multi-Percentage VAT Types

When the Multi-Percentage VAT Types feature is switched on (via a parameter in your Accounting Settings), it is possible to create a VAT type that consists of multiple VAT rates. The rates are accumulative, and both positive and negative rates can be included. Multiple-percentage VAT types can be administered per line in receivable and payable invoices.

Applying VAT to Quotes

While entering pricing information in ad hoc quotes, it is now possible to apply VAT per charge type. This feature can be controlled per quote, by switching on or off the Charges by VAT option in the Charges tab of a quote.

Communication Tab in Accounting Entities

To let you trace all the transmissions and email correspondence conducted in relation to an accounting entity, the Communication tab has been added to AR invoices, AP invoices and AR payments. Via this tab, you will be able to view the details and statuses of outgoing and incoming transmissions at the level of each invoice and payment.

Permission to Create Active Customer Accounts

While there are no restrictions for creating potential customer records, creating new active customer accounts can be controlled via user role permissions. Permission can be set to allow or prevent a user to create active customer records.

Editing After Operational Closure

Adjustments have been made to the operational closure process so that once a shipment is operationally closed, the Receivables and Payables become dimmed and are not editable.
Two new features have been introduced to shipment actions, which can be made available based on role permissions.

  • Allow editing receivables after operational closure
  • Allow editing payables after operational closure

When allowed any one of these actions, a user can edit Receivables/Payables after operational closure. Please note that currently the roles in Logitude are not restricted; they are defined with permission to edit Receivables/Payables after operational closure.

Enhanced Features

Statement by Invoice Date Report

The following enhancements have been introduced to the Statement by Invoice Date report:

  • There is no need to select a partner. The report can now be run for all partners.
  • The Customer and Salesman have been added.

Label Text Adjustments to VAT Settings

The labels of the VAT Settings under System Defaults (access via Getting Started or Maintenance > System Settings) have been rewritten to improve user readability.

Commodity Item No. in AWB

The Commodity Item No. field in the Packages tab of the AWB wizard has been changed and it is now optional when creating a new shipment, and only mandatory for sending electronic messages to airlines. The field can now accommodate more or less characters than the previous restriction (range of 4-7 characters).

Improvement in the FBL Notes Field

The additional printing field FBL Notes, in the Forwarder Bill of Lading document, can now accommodate up to 1000 characters to allow for larger text.

Issuing Carrier’s Agent and Coloader Partners Adjustment

For the e-AWB package only: The option of changing the Issuing Carrier’s Agent to be the Via Coloader partner has been removed.

New Variables in Documents

Several new variables have been added to different documents:

  • Consignee Address: can be shown (without the state) on the Forwarder’s Bill of Lading.
  • CMR: all package details including pieces, volume, weight, description, and marks and numbers can be printed as a list in the CMR document printed at the shipment level as well as in the one printed from the delivery route.

To add these variables to your templates, contact us and we will be more than happy to assist you!

New Help & Training Resources

The Working with Follow Ups Tutorial has been added to the Help Center. This new document shows how to take advantage of the different options of the Follow Up feature.

Contact Information

For more information or to log in to Logitude, please visit www.logitudeworld.com.
For questions or remarks regarding these release notes, please contact: support@logitudeworld.zendesk.com.
For Sales, please contact: info@logitudeworld.com
Happy New Release!
The Logitude World Team

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