Logitude Release Notes – Version R2.20
May 2020

Logitude World provides the first true online freight forwarding software solution. It combines the power of cloud computing and modern technologies with a deep understanding of the Freight Forwarding Industry.

Since Logitude’s SaaS solution is rich in software modules, Release Notes are regularly issued to keep users up-to-date about new features and enhancements, as well as changes that were made since the previous release.

This version of the Release Notes introduces new features and functionalities, and describes existing features that were enhanced.

New Features

BI Reports: Shipment Charges

The BI Module which is based on the Logitude DWH, will allow you to create a new type of report based on shipment receivable and payable charges, for internal purposes as well as for sending to your customers.

The pilot phase of the BI Module Shipment Charges feature will be available for First Class customers two weeks after the release. 

New Data Warehousing Feature

As a SaaS solution, Logitude now comes with a Data Warehousing (DWH) feature that allows admission to a database that contains only your own company data. This makes it possible to connect to any external Business Intelligence (BI) software and generate reports based on all of your data.

At this stage, your database will contain data from Shipments Fact only, and it will be ready for use two weeks after the release. For more details about activation and pricing, First Class customers can contact us at support@logitudeworld.com.

Quotes Performance Dashboard

The new Quotes tab in the CRM Dashboard shows performance information about your quotes with different types of visualizations

Regional Tax Management

In some countries a regional tax is applied as an additional VAT in receivable invoices. The new Regional Tax Management feature allows you to manage regional taxes, print them via templates, and include them in AR Generic and Advanced Generic Interface XMLs.

More details can be found in the new user’s guide added to the help center. 

Migration to Angular 9 

To keep pace with the latest technologies, Logitude was migrated to work on Angular 9. In addition to its enormous benefits to the development process, its features will also support us in making improvements to the performance of Logitude.

Enhanced Features

Email Address Autocomplete  

The email address autocomplete functionality has been added to the Send Message option in all entities, so that you can select from stored email addresses in the To, CC and BCC fields. This saves you time, enables you to avoid typos and makes it easier to search for a specific contact address.

Improvements in BI Reports

New operational and CRM fields are now available for adding to your BI reports.

Shipment Automation

Set Fields Value Result

A new result – Set Fields Value, has been added to shipment automations to let you define a result that will automatically set selected fields (such as Account Manager, Incoterm, Main Carriage Carrier) to specified values in shipments, when the defined conditions are met. This option can be used to define rules to update fields in shipments, based on other fields such as customer, shipment type, direction, and more.


SLAC (FWB & FHL) in e-AWB Wizard

A new field has been added to the AWB wizard for entering the SLAC value. The entered number will be transmitted to the airlines both in the FWB and the FHL messages, and it will also be printed in the AWB and HAWB documents.

Charge VAT Details in Quotations

The VAT details of quote charges can now be added to the Quotation templates. To include these details in your designed templates, go to the Pricing Packages/Pricing Containers Settings of the relevant template (Maintenance | Others | Quote Templates), and set the Show VAT Type and Show VAT Percentage parameters. The VAT details will display only when the Charges By VAT option in the Charges tab of a quote is selected.

Developments for the Mexican Market  

Mexican Cities 

The list of all Mexican cities has been added to the environments in Mexico to help in the data entry process.

SAT- Profact Interface Improvements 

Improvements regarding Expenses Charges and Void Invoices  

Cross Docks

Continuing to make great use of customers we continue to improve this module and give an extended solution in the import and release process, connection to shipment Warehouse Leg and Packages  

Accounting Improvements 

Several developments have been introduced to help users in their accounting processes in Logitude.

3 Decimal Digits in VAT Percentage 

Some countries apply VAT percentages with 3 decimal digits. To accommodate for this, Logitude now enables you to add up to 3 digits after the point in any VAT type percentage.

Generic Interface Adjustments 

Several new XML tags have been added to improve the accounting transfer process:

  • Invoice line tax details: Shows the tax details in each invoice line. This will be helpful in multi-VAT lines where it shows the relevant VAT types.
  • Invoice VAT summary: A new section at the invoice level shows a summary of all the VAT types in the invoice.
  • Regional tax indication: In the VAT Summary, indicates whether the specific VAT type is a regional tax.

General Enhancements 

Shared Logistics: Events & Documents

A new parameter – Display Documents & Events in Messages Link, has been added to Shared Logistics Settings to allow users to access documents and events from the shipment message without having to log in. If this parameter is not set, users will continue to see a limited view via the link in the messages.

Credit Limit: Building a Shipment from a Quote 

If the Credit Limit mechanism is activated in order to block the creating of shipments when the customer credit exceeds the set limit

New Document Templates

 The following document templates have been added to Logitude’s Document Library: 

  • BL w/o Attachments and Conditions: A new template for the FBL document, without terms and conditions.
  • Carrier Rate Confirmation: A new design for the Plain Carrier Rate Confirmation document.
  • Carrier Rate Confirmation with Payables: A new version of the Plain Carrier Confirmation document, including details about shipment payables.
  • Air Booking Confirmation – V2: A new design for the Air Booking Confirmation document.
  • Import Cover Page: A new version of the Cover Page document for Import Ocean and Inland shipments. It prints the details of containers’ inside packages.
  • Shipment Invoice (V2 and V3): Two new versions of the Shipment Invoice document with new designs.
  • Arabic Invoice: A new version of the Shipment Invoice document in Arabic.
  • Shipment Confirmation: A new document type containing shipment details that can be sent to your customer when creating a shipment for an accepted quote.
  • Shipment CMR: A new version of the CMR document in French and English with more details from shipment level.

To add any of these documents to your environment, navigate to Maintenance | Others | Document Types and use the Add Document from Library option.

New Help & Training Resources

The Help Center is continually enriched with helpful training materials that provide answers to your inquiries and help you better understand the system’s features. The following has been added recently:

  • How to Work with Warehouse Invoicing – a new document that shows how to perform warehouse invoicing in import shipments.
  • Regional Tax Management – a user guide’s that provides instructions for activating and applying the Regional Tax Management feature.
  • INTTRA e-Booking – a new tutorial that explains how to work with the INTTRA e-Booking option to quickly handle the stages of the booking process.
  • Cross Docks Quick Tour – a new document that describes the steps that warehouse and operational staff need to perform to manage cross docking for import and export shipments.
  • Quotation Module – a new tutorial that shows how to work with the Quotation module to quickly design quote templates.
  • BI Reports – a new guide that describes the functionalities of the BI Reports module.
  • Data Warehouse Getting Started – a new document that provides instructions about the add-on Data Warehousing feature Private DB.
  • Generic Accounting Interface – Invoice Transfer – an updated version of the setup and activation guide.

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