Logitude Release Notes – Version R1.19
February 2019

Logitude World provides the first true online freight forwarding software solution. It combines the power of cloud computing and modern technologies with a deep understanding of the Freight Forwarding Industry.
Since Logitude’s SaaS solution is rich in software modules, Release Notes are regularly issued to keep users up-to-date about new features and enhancements, as well as changes that were made since the previous release.
This version of the Release Notes introduces new features and functionalities, and describes existing features that were enhanced

New Features

Filing Inbox

We are happy to announce that in the current Logitude version, the new Filing Inbox module (released previously in Q4 2018) has become part of the Business Package.
If you are a Business user, you can now access this module from the Logitude menu. Note that in addition to email attachments, the email body too can be filed directly under the Docs In tab of a selected shipment or quote.
For more details about this module, please contact us at https://support@logitudeworld.zendesk.com.

Custom Views: New Features

The following new features have been added to the Custom Views capability in Shipments Queries:

Share Your Customized Views

It is now possible to expose a custom view you have created to another user or to all users so that they can use the same data view instead of having to create one of their own. To share your custom view, open the Create New/Edit View window, and in the Share tab choose All Users or a specific user. You can stop sharing your view at any time by selecting the None option in the Share tab.

Show Customized Views in Spotlight Mode

Selecting the Show in Spotlight Mode option in the Create New/Edit View window, switches on the Spotlight feature for a customized view. The Spotlight icon (Plus button) then appears on the shipment lines for quickly checking the routing details of each shipment.

Document Download

The Document Download feature has been developed to enable users to backup shipment documents to a downloadable file. You can use this feature to download:

  •  All the uploaded documents to a compressed Zip file, by clicking the Download Documents button in the Docs In tab.
  •  All the created documents to a compressed Zip file, by clicking the Download Documents button in the Docs Out tab.

New Reports

Vendor Charges Analysis

The new Vendor Charges Analysis report under the Accounting section in Reports displays expenses (opened and accounted) per vendor. It analyzes all the payables created in your shipment files and lets you filter charges per specific carrier.

Flight Booking List

The Flight Booking List under the Statistics section in Reports allows customers to check the shipments booked on the same flight, at a given date. This will help customers prepare a single manifest for several AWBs on the same flight.

Enhanced Features

Improvements in Counters

The following improvements have been introduced to Shipment, Master and Invoice counters.

Shipments and Masters Counters

  • The prefix can display the month and year of the shipment’s or master’s create date. [MM], [YY] or [YYYY] can be added to the Prefix field, and the counter number will show the month and the year based on the definitions.
  • The branch code can also be shown automatically in the prefix of the shipment/master counter.
  • The counter Size can be adjusted to always show the shipment number in a certain length. For example, if the prefix is AE and the start number is 1000, but you want the shipment number to contain 10 characters, then the shipment number will be AE00001000.

AR Invoice Counter

In addition to the Prefix, the Suffix can also be part of the AR invoices counter. Example: 1055/1/1 where 1055 is the invoice number (according to the Start Number) and 1/1 should be added to AR invoices as suffix.
For any adaptation to your counters, please contact us at https://support@logitudeworld.zendesk.com.

Shipment APIs – Receivables and Payables

In addition to the packages and routings details that can be entered to the shipments opened via the Shipment (direct, house and master) APIs tool, the receivable and payable charges can also be sent so there will be no need to enter them manually after the shipment is created.
To get more details about the APIs and the XML structure to use so that shipments will be opened successfully in your environment, please contact us at https://support@logitudeworld.zendesk.com.

Accounting Improvements

Generic and Advanced Generic Interfaces

  • The quantity tag in the AP invoice XML transferred via the Logitude Generic and Advanced Generic interfaces will be sent as null when the amount is zero.
  •  A new tag – Prepaid/Collect, has been added under the AR invoice lines section. It shows the prepaid or collect value based on the value filled in the P/C field.

QuickBooks Online (Global and US) Interface

  • All types of invoices and payments can be resent to your QBO account using the Resend option under More. It will appear there only after the AR/AP invoice/payment has been approved. This functionality can save you the time of voiding a record that failed to be transferred to QBO.
  • The new query Error in Transfer under the Accounts Receivables and Accounts Payables sections in the Accounting menu displays all the records with transfer status Error in Transfer.
  •  Payments disconnected from invoices will also be disconnected from the transferred invoices in your QBO account.
  • If you are using your QBO account in two different environments that belong to you, each time you disconnect it from one environment to connect to another, all the previously performed translations will be erased.

AR Payment Dates Must Be Chronological

The AR Payment Dates Must Be Chronological parameter has been added under the Accounting Receivables section in Accounting Settings (from Accounting menu | Settings tab) for use in countries where the AR payments need to be chronological.

Cross Docks Improvements

The following new developments have been introduced to the Cross Docks facility:

  • The Volumetric Weight field has been added to the Packages page of Cross Dock Entry and Release records.
  • The Actual Quantity of Packages can be printed on the Inventory Report.
  • Both the shipment and the entry number can be printed on the Entry Warehouse Receipt document.

Shared Logistics Improvements

Shipper and Consignee Permissions

In addition to other partner types, you can now also hide the shipper and consignee partners so that they will not be exposed to invited customers in the Shared Logistics module. These permissions can be monitored via the Partners Permissions option in the Shared Logistics and Mobile Workspace (make sure the partners to hide are deselected).

Full List of Shipments and Invoices

In the Shared Logistics page, the All Shipments and All Invoices views now display all the available records, without the previous limitation of 50 records.

Zoom In to Multi-line Text Input Fields

A new zooming capability has been applied to some of the multiple-line text input fields such as the Description in CRM activities. Clicking on the zoom icon that appears when pointing to the top-right corner zooms the field in a new window where the full text can be viewed and edited.

New Events

Document Upload Event

A new event type has been added to the Shipment entity: Document Upload. This event is generated when a document is successfully uploaded. To view the history of uploads in a shipment, you can navigate to the Events tab.

Follow Up Events

Two follow up events have been added to the Shipment and Quote entities:

  • Follow Up Created: will be generated each time a new follow up is created.
  • Follow Up Completed: will be generated when a follow up is marked as done.

Harmonize Codes DB – 6-Digit Codes

A picklist has been added to the Harmonize field in Packages containing the list of all HS codes, so that you can choose a code using the Search option instead of entering it manually.

Ratio Update

The ratio between the Volume and Volumetric Weight values in the Packages screen is not limited to integers and it is now possible to set fractional values like 1:1.30.

Removal of Quote Amount Columns from Display

To avoid overcrowding the Quote Charges screen, the Sale and Cost Minimum and Maximum Amounts columns have been removed from the Charges grid. To see these details, you need to open the Edit Charge window for a charge.

Copy Contact Email

The Copy icon has been added beside the Email field in the Edit Contact window (from a customer record), so you can easily copy the contact’s email address.

Contacts List in Payments

The Contacts List in Payments has been reorganized into three categories – Bill To/ Vendor, All Contacts and All Active Users, so that you can easily find and select a contact while sending AR and AP payment messages.

Copy Master Adjustment

The Copy Master window has been adjusted so it does not ask you to choose the customer as a shipper/consignee. Instead, it asks you to fill the Agent details.

Update Master Routing

You can now change the ports of a master shipment that has not yet departed from the main carriage loading port, even if it is connected to several houses. The change needs to be confirmed for the system to update the ports at the house level as well.

Packages Reference Field Sizes

The size of all the reference fields (Ref1, Ref2, Ref3 and Ref4) in the Add Package window has been increased to 2000 characters.

Improvements in the States and Ports Tables

  • The States table has been updated to include the states of India.
  • In the Ports table, the port addresses for USA, Canada, Australia, Mexico and India have been updated to include the exact state.

Carriers and Ports Update

The new Update button in the Add Port, Add Airline and Add Shipping Line windows allows you to retrieve updated information on the ports and carriers you are using. Clicking on the button applies the updates to your ports and carriers.

Airlines Matrix: Updated Version

The list of the airlines the customers can be registered with via the e-AWB module has been updated.

Report Improvements

Detailed Shipment Charges Analysis

The Detailed Shipment Charges Analysis report now shows the payables from invoices with Waiting for Approval status.

Aging – Statement Summarized

The current time ranges in the Aging – Statement Summarized report can be replaced with the following new ranges: 1-15 days, 16-30 days, 1-24 days, 25-30 days.
To add these ranges to your template, please contact us at https://support@logitudeworld.zendesk.com.

New Filters

  • The LCL Shipment Type filter has been added to the Ocean Shipment to Client report.
  • The Transport Mode, Direction and shipment Level filters have been added to the Statistics by Customer report.
  • The Carrier filter has been added to the Profit by Shipment Statistics report.

Query Column Improvements

New Query Columns

  • First Accounting Close Date in Shipment views shows the date when a shipment was closed for accounting for the first time.
  • First Pickup ETA and First Pickup ETD in Shipment views show the expected time of arrival and expected time of departure for the first pickup created in a shipment.
  • User Roles in User views displays the roles to which each user has been assigned.
  • First Approve Date in AP Invoices and AP Payments views displays the date when an AP invoice/AP payment is approved.

Modifications in Shipment Query Columns

The following changes have been performed in routing query columns in Shipment views:

  • The From State and To State columns have been removed.
  • The From column now shows the port name of the main carriage instead of the port code.
  • The Origin column will always show details from the first loading place, whether it is a pickup, a terminal, a pre-carriage or a main carriage.
  • The Final Destination column will always show details from the final discharge place, whether it is a delivery, a terminal, an on-carriage or a main carriage.

New Variables in Reports and Documents

Logitude allows you to customize your documents and reports, and manage your own templates. We continue to improve these options and add more variables for selection.
In this version, the following new variables have been added to different documents and reports:

Variables in Messages and Documents

  • Wide logo: in all message templates, the logo used for Shared Logistics can also be used in the messages you send from the system.
  • Customized customer fields: all the customized fields added at the customer level can be printed on shipment messages.
  • Notify 1 Address: can be printed on the invoice template.

Variables in Reports

Profit by Shipment Statistics report
  • Shipment Type: a variable that shows the type of the shipment (Air, LCL, LTL, FCL or FTL).
  • From and Final Destination Ports: new variables that show the details of the loading and final discharge ports.
Open Shipments by Customer report

ETD and ETA: the expected time of departure and arrival for all transshipments.

Accounting Ledger report
  • Bill To/Vendor: a variable that prints the name of the Bill To or the Vendor.
  • Notes: the notes written in the AR invoices, AP payments, AP invoices and AP payments.
Statement report

Bill To/Vendor: a variable that prints the name of the Bill To or the Vendor.
To add these variables to your templates, contact us at support@logitudeworld.zendesk.com and we will be more than happy to assist you!

New Help & Training Resources

The Help Center is continually enriched with helpful training materials that provide answers to your inquiries and help you better understand the system’s features. The following has been added recently:

  • Generic Accounting Interface – Invoices – an updated version of the tutorial that explains how to activate Logitude’s accounting interfaces in order to transfer invoices to an accounting system.
  • Generic Accounting Interface – AR/AP Payments – a new tutorial that explains how to activate the accounting interfaces in order to transfer payments to an accounting system.

Contact Information

For more information or to log in to Logitude, please visit www.logitudeworld.com.
For questions or remarks regarding these release notes, please open a ticket at  support@logitudeworld.zendesk.com.
For Sales, please contact:info@logitudeworld.com
Happy New Release!
The Logitude World Team

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