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February 2023

Logitude World arms you with digital freight forwarding solutions to deliver superior services tailored to your customers’ needs by using the power of cloud computing and modern technologies to make sure you are ahead of your competitors.

Since we are on a continuous journey of development and as Logitude is rich in software modules, release notes are regularly issued to keep you up-to-date about new features and enhancements, as well as changes that have been made since the previous release.

This version of the release notes introduces new features and functionalities while also describing enhanced existing features.

New Features

ICS2 Compliance 

The European Union is implementing a new customs pre-arrival security and safety program, underpinned by a large-scale advanced cargo information system – Import Control System 2 (ICS2).

Due to this new regulation, certain pieces of information will become required to send to the carriers through the FWB and FHL messages for shipments moving through or going to the EU.

Logitude gives you access to fill all the required fields through the AWB wizard, as well as making the Main Harmonize code (HS Code) required for FWBs or FHLs for shipments moving through or going to the EU.

For more details about this new regulation, please contact us at

Customer Digital Portal 

The Customer Digital Portal is a new, branded, and dedicated web portal module that provides your customers with real-time digital visibility of their shipments and invoices. By the end of April 2023, the new digital portal will replace the exciting solution “Shared Logistics for Customers”.

Giving your customers direct access to their data will help you as much as it helps them. They can get quick updates without delays while also getting direct answers to their questions. This will help both you and your customers avoid errors. Your customers can access it from a desktop, mobile device, or tablet; it’s simple to use and manage.

To activate this feature, please contact us at

Self-service by the customer: Upload shipments documents 

Your customers who use the Digital Portal can now upload their shipment documents from the Digital Portal; these documents will be uploaded to the relevant shipment’s “Docs in” tab on the Logitude side. To approve these documents and proceed with the relevant parties, you can access these documents from this newly added tab from “Shipment Queries” > “Others” > “Pending Approval Documents”. This new enhancement will help you and your customers share documents without the need to send emails.

View the Digital Portal as a customer 

To make it easier for you to support and follow your customers’ shipments, Logitude gives you access to view what your customer sees on the Digital Portal and what type of information they can see without requiring you to login.

Supporting Multi Unites

Customers who use multiple units of measurement are no longer a concern; the Customer Digital Portal now displays volumes and weights in CBM and CBF, as well as KG and LB. The Digital Portal settings in Logitude allow you to choose whether values are shown in multiple units or only in KG/CBM.

New tabs to Digital Portal Shipments` List 

Digital portal users can now see the shipments by their stages, we added three queries to the digital portal shipments list to represent shipments stages:

  • In Origin: All shipments that are in origin and have not departed yet
  • In transit: All shipments that departed the origin but have not arrived at the destination.
  • At destination: All shipments that arrived at the destination.

Note: You can access shipments listed under the new queries manually. These shipments should not be marked as “accounting closed” or “operational closed”, otherwise they will be listed under the “all shipments” query.

USA Market 

Cross Dock Automation

To give you more control over the Cross Dock Module, and to enable the process of sending emails automatically if the entry or the release met the conditions, Logitude recently improved the automation module to allow you to specify automatic outcomes from Cross Dock Entries and Releases.

You can define automatic email results from the cross docks entity by using this feature. And with this option, emails can be sent to the partner when the conditions are met.

Mexican Market

As published by the Mexican Tax Administration Service (SAT), it is decided to delay the entry of CFDI Payroll 4.0, which was scheduled for January 1, 2023, until April 1, 2023. This extension allows taxpayers who issue electronic invoices to meet all of the requirements set forth in the tax provisions for the issuance of the CDFI in version 4.0.

Logitude is ready for the new version and still improving more to make it easy to deal with the new version.

Transfer Expense Charges based on parameter 

Managing the information of the “Acuenta de Terceros” by the payable vendor for each Expense charge can be defined based on parameters, so you have control over sending the expense charges with the “Acuenta de Terceros” details to SAT or not.

Enhanced Features

Automations Module Enhancements

Use the Automation Module to define entity-related actions that should be performed automatically when a condition is met. We call these definitions: “Automations”.

For example, you can define that when a new direct shipment is created (the condition), an arrival notice document follow-up should be created or an email should be automatically sent to a certain user or contact (the result action).

Shipment Automation

For you to be able to trigger the shipments based on the main carriage details, we added the following fields to the shipment and master automation:

  • Main Carriage / From Port / To Port
  • Transshipment 1 ETA / ATA / ETD / ATD / From Port/ To Port
  • Transshipment 2 ETA / ATA / ETD / ATD / From Port/ To Port
  • Transshipment 3  ETA / ATA / ETD / ATD / From Port/ To Port

Event Creation Via Automation

A new option to add events automatically to the shipment is now available to keep your shipment’s events up-to-date without having to worry about adding them manually. This option will be available for use one week after this release.

Added Bank Details to Accounting Interfaces

For generic and advanced generic transfers of payments, the bank details will now be included in the generated XML files.

Added “Updated by Username” to Daily Exchange Rates

In the daily exchange rates screen, we added a new column to show the user that edited the exchange rate as well as when they made the change.

Unpaid Invoices Report – Update to Filter Logic

You can now generate the “Unpaid Invoices” report without the “from date filter” being required.

Improvements in BI Reports

For you to have a better experience in reporting, decision-making, and analyzing the measurable aspects of your business, we are constantly improving the BI Reports Module to help you access the data in the Logitude Data Warehouse (DW).

The following changes have been made to the BI reports and will go live one week after the release.

Shipment Profit

You can now create a report that includes the Estimated Profit of your shipment compared with the Actual Profit.

Total Section in the PDF files

Logitude has improved the PDF files that can be downloaded or sent from BI reports to include totals for all number columns, allowing you to easily see totals without having to perform extra calculations for each report.

Change Font Size in the Edit Document 

Logitude has improved the Edit document option to give you the option to change the font size for a specific section without affecting the whole document. This will help you control the size in some areas, like changing the font of the customers/ shippers, or consignees if their names are long, without affecting the whole document.

Views Enhancements 

Through Logitude Views, you can visualize the data and have control over the columns and filters that you need, in addition to the option of extracting the data and using it.

Improve the “Download to Excel” Performance 

We improved the performance of the “Download to Excel” action to help you quickly extract huge amounts of data into Excel.

Columns Alignment

We adjusted the alignment of the “Numbers” columns to enhance their look when there is another text column besides them. We added more space to make it easier to view and read.

Quotes Enhancements

Add Quotes Filters to Quotes Queries 

Quote queries now have filters that allow you to filter based on salesman records or created by records.

Grouping Quotes Charge Lines Totals by Currencies

Quotes with charge lines in different currencies can be printed in a quotation by grouping totals, VAT amount, VAT percentage, and totals by currency.

The quotation module now has four new fields that group charge lines by currency; the four fields are:

  • Subtotal: The sum of the sale amounts for the quote charge lines in the relevant currency.
  • VAT: The sum of VAT amounts for each charge line of the relevant currency.
  • VAT Percentage: Shows VAT percentage for each line for the relevant currency
  • Total: The sum of Subtotal and VAT of the relevant currency row.

Editing the sale exchange rate in Multi Currency mode 

You can now edit the “Sales Exchange Rate” in the quote charges inside the box of “Sales Currency”, same as the “Sales Exchange Rate”.

Newly Added Airlines and Ports

The following Airlines are available to be added from the general library using Maintenance > Airlines > Add  > Choose the new airlines from the available list.

  • Mauritania Airlines International
  • Myanmar Airways International
  • Red Wings
  • Neos
  • Modlin Airport

Thank you for being a part of our journey towards enhanced productivity! We are here to support you every step of the way. Reach out to our dedicated support team at

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