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Logistics professionals have difficulty finding reliable freight forwarders. The abundance of such is sometimes confusing as precise research and selection are required. Choose a company that can handle the quality of the freight tasks. If your logistics company is also in the process of looking for forwarders for long-term cooperation, then look at the sequence of steps that will help you reach the right people.

What is a Freight Forwarder?

Forwarders are companies that deal with the organization of transportation and logistics of goods in the supply chain. Their role is to optimize the process of moving goods around the world. With international freight, there are many requirements that only good freight forwarders can handle.

Forwarding agents shall draw up the necessary export documentation in accordance with the legislation in force, international shipping fees, import duties/taxes, carry-out customs clearance procedures, port handling fees, local shipping, and maritime insurance. Their work involves a huge range of services affecting carriers. They act on their behalf and must be extremely competent and experienced to deliver the goods to the end customer without hassle.

Choosing a freight forwarder can be challenging. You need to do a good enough study and find agents with experience. Such as being able to handle all the complex transportation and logistics arrangements that are required to carry out global trade.

Why is it important to choose a good International Freight Forwarder?

The process of supplying products internationally is not an understatement. There are so many important activities in the supply chain that you can hardly do the right thing on your own. Much knowledge of documentation is required, current changes to current legislation, and many other procedures. Because of this, each carrier is looking for a reliable and specialized freight forwarder to move things around seamlessly.

Forwarders have close relationships and skills in connecting to different modes of transport (road, sea, rail and air). They have relationships all over the world – with international shipping lines, freight companies, port services, customs agents and maritime insurance brokers. An effective freight forwarding company can help you with some of the most difficult tasks – this is the most beneficial long-term business partnership.

It is important to target a freight forwarder that meets your criteria and, above all, the needs of your business. Focus seriously on making such a decision. Below you can find out the most important steps when choosing a freight forwarding company.

How to find a good freight forwarder?

Logistics is a complex process. With the expansion of the supply of raw materials, materials and goods, the need arises for the need for a freight forwarder. Its task is to simplify the process of international transportation as much as possible.

It should also ensure peace of mind regarding the proper completion of import and export documentation, as well as compliance with available rules and regulations. You may find many offers for performing freight forwarding services, but remember that the most important thing is to make the right choice for your business needs.

Here are some tips for finding a good freight forwarder:

Find out what type of freight forwarder your business needs

Freight forwarders need to be good specialists in managing documentation and complying with international freight law, but they can vary significantly. Different business models require the use of a variety of forwarders – for example, moving bulk goods, refrigerated goods, goods with short shelf life, and other specific requirements.

The main types of freight forwarders are:

Online freight forwarder

Online freight forwarders usually move things around with an online platform. Ie importers and exporters have the ability to track the goods online – they can easily get quotes for cargo, make reservations, track and pay for their shipments.

Advisory forwarder

This type of forwarder is known for offering the most comprehensive services. The purpose of advisory freight forwarders is to offer a full range of freight forwarding to their clients. In short, they can handle even the most difficult shipments in unforeseen situations and adverse conditions. The only downside here that can bother you is the higher price. However, this is normal if you receive a comprehensive and quality service.

Low-cost freight forwarder

At the expense of the consulting freight forwarder, the main advantage of the service here is the low cost. This is the best solution for importing or exporting commodities with too limited financial resources. The downside, however, is that you may come across a company that designs shipping only by shipping or just another type of transportation. The services of low-cost forwarders can be very limited and may not satisfy you for specific deliveries.

Global forwarders

They are the largest operators. They have offices in many countries. Usually, global freight forwarders provide a wide range of services, working online, offline, or both.

They provide the ability to manage their customers’ air, water, and land loads. Quite a few of the global freight forwarders also offer a wide range of logistics processes – with them, you will definitely have trouble-free and guaranteed transportation of goods.

Make it a part of a powerful logistics network

Getting across a freight forwarder that is part of a logistics network will be of great benefit to you. When associated with many global shipping companies, it means that the freight forwarder has a very good team and agents worldwide. This instantly builds trust in the eyes of forwarding companies in need. If you find such a partner, you will have reliable freight forwarding management for international shipments.

Check out what services

Some freight forwarding companies are more specialized in, while others offer everything including the need for a freight forwarder. It is important for you to find out if they offer the type of transport that your goods move most often. Some offer mainly the management of goods by sea, while others include air, road, etc.

There is a set of additional information you need to research about the freight forwarder. For example, whether there is international insurance, whether it deals with the transport of dangerous goods, or non-perishable goods. Describe the main criteria to check that the selected freight forwarder meets them.

Analyze the forwarder’s experience

The second thing you should do is analyze the whole experience of the Forwarder. Check out which companies he has worked with, what he has accomplished in the past, what his mission and values ​​are, etc.

Get to know the scale of the company and whether you can rely on the forwarding service at any time. There are some companies that are very good but too busy. In such a situation, the transportation of the goods may be impeded.

Get reviews from other clients

Because you probably have many partnerships with logistics companies, you might want to ask them if they have already gone through the search for freight forwarders. A person-to-person recommendation is a pretty surefire way to find a quality forwarding service. However, it is a very responsible activity and your freight forwarder must have the necessary experience and knowledge to handle any situation that arises properly.

If you know anyone who can share more detailed information about a freight forwarder, then take this opportunity. Look for other additional reviews from current or past clients, keep track of company history as far as possible, etc. After all, you will know whether to trust or not the right agents, because that is what your business depends on.

Attend logistics events

Find out where and when logistic events are taking place near you, and be sure to visit them. Usually, these logistics companies involved in such projects are large specialists in the field and are ready to contact all interested parties. This is a great opportunity to meet face-to-face with different freight forwarding companies and ask them all the questions that interest you. This is where you will find your agents for the future management of international shipments.

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