Cost and Profit/Loss Analysis for Freight Forwarders

Logitude software features a host of Cost and Profit/Loss Analysis tools, designed to monitor the key financials of your operation.
All four of our available freight forwarding software plans include Profit for Shipments in Consolidations – detailing shipments in a consolidation – and Profit as Integral Part of Online Statistics – displaying figures at a customer or company level, which can be analyzed as part of online statistics.
All of our customers can also benefit from Profit/Loss Per Charge Type, where figures are presented per service provided.

Advanced Profit and Loss Statement Tools

Business and First Class software plans provide additional tools for managing your shipping expenses. Estimated and Actual Costs details estimated shipping costs, which are entered in a quote or shipment, and actual costs, which can be entered in a shipment through a vendor invoice.
The two top-tier plans also feature Compare Projected and Earned Profits and Vendor Invoices.

State-of-the-Art P&L Statement Features

These powerful tools harness state-of-the-art systems to ensure that your organization is always up to date with profit and loss statements and international shipping costs. The four plans offer you with greater flexibility and scalability, with no risk or commitment.
Contact our support team to discuss how to get the most out of these P&L statement features.
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