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Logitude is the only company providing true online freight forwarding software solution. It combines the power of cloud computing and modern technologies with a deep understand of the field of freight forwarding, including logistics, shipping, and planning. Until recently, freight forwarding solutions have been complex and required up-front capital investment, IT support resources, on-site support, as well as major implementation and adaptation efforts. Logitude has changed all that with its pioneering online software solution, utilizing SaaS technology. The solution is based on international leading technologies that provide excellent security, availability, reliability, performance and exceptional usability – all this at minimal cost, commitment and risk.

Logitude solutions are:

  • Easy to start because our modern technology, enabling easy to use SaaS products, means customers can be up and running in minutes without requiring complex implementation or upfront fees
  • Easy to own because our software-as-a-service (SaaS) solutions don’t require IT support or dedicated hardware, and new features are upgraded automatically
  • Easy to use without specialized technical skills or significant training because of our intuitive and simple software interface.

What is SaaS/Cloud Computing?

SaaS is “Software as a Service”, a software delivery model where associated data is hosted centrally and is typically accessed by users using a web browser over the Internet. The term software as a service (SaaS) is considered to be part of cloud computing. Cloud computing is the delivery of computing as a service rather than a product. It provides computation, software, data access, and storage services that do not require end-user knowledge of the physical location and configuration of the system that delivers the services. It is similar to an electricity grid, wherein end-users consume power without needing to understand the component devices or infrastructure required to provide the service. Cloud computing encompasses any subscription-based or pay-per-use service that, in real time over the Internet, extends IT’s existing capabilities. It increases capacity or adds capabilities.

Microsoft Windows® Azure™ Platform

win_azureThe Windows Azure platform empowers partners to embrace cloud computing, database as a service technology, and on demand computing with a simple, reliable and powerful online web services technology

Logitude is built, hosted and secured at the Microsoft Windows Azure datacenters

Learn more: Microsoft Windows® Azure™ Platform

Google Angular

downloadGoogle Angular  is a powerful tool for creating and delivering rich Internet applications It is an open source HTML5 framework that enables fast and rich business applications and mobile apps. It works on all major OS’ plus all major browsers, including Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari and Edge.

We use Google Angular in combination with Microsoft TypeScript for true object oriented development environment.

Learn more: https://angularjs.org/

RIA (Rich Internet Application)

Logitude’s SaaS cloud computing solution was designed to make your life easier. It is important to have all the operational features needed, but it is equally important for us to ensure that your work runs in a simple, fast and yet enjoyable manner. That is why we chose RIA technology for your user experience. RIA technology provides richness and interactivity degrees which are beyond the reach of traditional web technologies. RIA web experience creates a user experience which is by far better than that provided by web applications.

RIAs facilitate the work process by massively simplifying and improving the user experience. It provides the perfect cloud platform for freight forwarding companies. Page refreshes are avoided, information expands in place, video and interactivity help to guide users. This renders completing tasks and finding information a breeze, and the rich data visualization leads to better decisions. Better service leads to better customer response and satisfaction.

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Logitude World fournit aux transitaires un logiciel de transport de fret avancé pour gérer toutes les opérations sur une seule plateforme numérique et fournir des services de fret de qualité supérieure.

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