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What’s New with Logitude Freight Forwarding Software?

December 2023

With Logitude World’s digital freight forwarding solutions, you can offer your customers superior services tailored to their specific needs. Our use of cloud computing and modern technologies ensures you can stay ahead of your competition.

At Logitude, innovation is a never-ending journey. We are constantly developing and adding new software modules to enhance our solutions. To keep you informed about these updates and improvements, we regularly send out release notes.

This version of our release notes is packed with introductions to new features and functionalities. As well as enhancements to existing features, ensuring you’re informed about the latest advancements.

New Features

Digital Portal 

Introducing Logitude’s enhanced Branded Web Portal! Designed to streamline your team’s workload, it is your ideal time-saving solution. Now, provide your customers with instant access to real-time shipment updates, invoices, and Quotes. It is accessible from both desktop and mobile devices. With this release, we’re excited to bring you the following new additions:

  • Quotes Self Services 

Share quotes in a whole new way! Don’t let negotiation delays and extra emails bother you anymore. You can now offer your customers easy access to your offers through a digital portal. Logitude provides you with real-time feedback on customer acceptances and declines. ‘Customer Feedback’ is the place to find it all!

To activate this feature, please contact us at 

  • Tracked Container Statuses in the Digital Portal 

If you are using Logitude’s Container Tracking Module, you can easily access the (Full Container Load) container status through our Digital Portal. You can view detailed timelines for your FCL containers to stay fully informed and up-to-date on the status of your shipments. 

Enhanced Features

User Experience Improvements 

  • New Views Improvements 

Experience the next level of innovation with our enhanced views. We have made them more versatile and flexible, allowing you to add and enjoy additional features. Discover the new features we’ve added to improve your experience:

  • Colored Estimated Dates 

To enhance visibility and ensure you’re up to date, we have added a new feature. If the estimated shipment dates have passed without actual ones, they’ll appear in red. However, if there are no delays in the shipment, the dates will remain in black. This helps you identify any potential delays, allowing you to plan carefully.

  • Easy adding Houses’ Packages to Groupage Container

When creating groupage shipments, you can now select multiple packages and add them to existing or new containers. As a result, package connections are faster and easier.

  • Copy Container Number When Split Shipment 

Splitting shipments allows moving containers/packages to a new shipment. All the original details, including container numbers, are carefully secured. This ensures smooth logistics management while maintaining accurate documentation throughout the process.

Container Tracking Module 

Logitude’s superior Container Tracking Module takes care of everything. It connects you with ocean carriers to get accurate, real-time data that is maintained automatically within Logitude. This saves you time and also eliminates the need to manually enter data. 

  • Validate OBL Format 

To ensure accurate tracking data, providing the OBL number correctly is crucial. Sending this number in the wrong format might disrupt tracking. Therefore, we’ve added a new warning to assist in defining the correct OBL format.

  • Supporting ZIM carrier in the tracking 

We’ve expanded our container tracking module to include ZIM, enabling users to now track their containers carried by ZIM in addition to other existing carriers already available in our system. 

BI Reports Enhancements

To enhance your reporting, decision-making, and business analysis, we are constantly improving the BI Reports Module to provide better access to data from the Logitude Data Warehouse (DW). We have made the following changes to the BI reports, which will be implemented one week after the release: 

  • AP Invoice DWH

You now can create reports using the AP Invoice information. This means you can easily check out your AP Invoices along with the specific details of each invoice in a single report. To activate this feature, please contact us at 

  • Columns Ordering

Experience the ease and efficiency of arranging columns in your BI report. With our advanced Drag and Drop feature, easily move any column to your desired position.

Integration with our Partners 

    • Harmonized Code Mandatory in SI’s for Maersk

Maersk, working together with INTTRA through E2open, now needs the Harmonized System (HS) Code in Shipping Instructions. So we managed this to be mandatory when sending SI to INTTRA with Maersk Carrier. This enhancement streamlines operations and improves communication among all parties involved in the shipping process.

  • Champ
    • Maximize Street Address Length When Sending to Airlines via Champ (Traxon)

You can now include additional details about the partners’ addresses when sending messages to Champ. You’re able to send up to 70 characters to define the complete address of each partner.

Quotes Enhancements 

With the Quote module, you can give your customers an idea of costs, detailed service details, and shipping information. This tool helps you be clear and open so your customers know everything they need before deciding on shipping. The Quotes have been updated with the following improvements:

  • Adding ‘ZipCode’ to the Search, Filter, and Columns

Improve your search skills by using Pickup/Delivery Zip Codes, which include even casual inland addresses. These codes will act as columns and filters, increasing your search and filtering options.

  • Recalculate Markup When Changing Sale Currency 

Simply change the sale currency in our enhanced system based on the defined exchange rate. The markup will be immediately adjusted, saving you time and assuring correct pricing calculations in any currency.

  • Pickup/Delivery Ratio

To figure out costs for different ways of moving things, we have set a new rate for picking up and dropping off items. We added a new measurement in the Quote called « Pickup/Delivery Chargeable Weight » which depends on how much stuff gets picked up and dropped off. 

Quotation Printing Management 

  • Percent of Value Viewing in Quotation

In your quotation, the percent sign now clearly represents percentage measurements for your customers.

  • Quotation: VAT and Amount Display Options

We understand the importance of customization, therefore you can now choose which data to include in your quote, whether it’s the VAT, total amount including VAT, total amount without VAT, or a combination of these specifics.

  • Manual Upload Quotation 

Easily upload your documents with the convenient « Upload » feature. You can preview PDFs before downloading. Other files will be downloaded directly to ensure a seamless experience. 

QuickBooks Improvements

  • Send Shipments Numbers with Multiple Shipment AP Invoice 

Shipment numbers are now sent to QuickBooks for many AP invoices. This improvement gives you better details about shipments in QuickBooks transactions.

  • Disconnect VAT Type Translation in the Accounting Tab 

Adjusting and customizing your VAT settings couldn’t be simpler! You now can disconnect translations for a VAT Type in the accounting tab. This new feature offers you increased flexibility and control over your Logitude-QuickBooks translations.

  • Show Accounting External IDs Changes in Events 

To track the history of Accounting External IDs in Charge Types and VAT Types, any future modifications to these external IDs will be reflected in the Notes section of the Updated Event.

Logitude Accounting

  • Customer Bank Branch Defaults for Payments

Managing the specific bank branch linked to your customer is a breeze at the Customer level. These details will serve as defaults for any new payments made for this customer, streamlining your process and ensuring accuracy.

Edit Partners Easily in ‘All Partners’ View

You may now simply edit any partner under the ‘All Partners’ view, allowing you to review, make changes, and download all partner details in one place.

Tariff Enhancements 

  • Improvement of Tariff Line Insertion

Managing tariffs has never been smoother! As part of our commitment to improving user experience, we have added a time-saving feature; a single line will be automatically included in all cost and sale tariffs. You can navigate between lines and insert new ones by simply pressing the Tab key.

  • Inland Tariff: Start/Expiration Date in Tariff version 

Along with the new Expiration date, the Start date is now included in the tariff versions. This means that the validity of inland tariffs is now version-based.

Performance Enhancements

  • Card Search

We have improved the Partners’ search results, and as a result, you will experience faster loading times and no more delays when viewing the list of partners.

Update Ports UN/LOCODE 

We have updated the system port codes and UN/LOCODE data to align with the latest information from official UN/LOCODE sites.

Newly Added Airlines

The following Airlines are available to be added from the general library using:

Maintenance>Airlines> Add the New available airlines.

Now you can register for e-AWB with these airlines:

  • Corendon Airlines
  • Nile Air       
  • USC GmbH
  • VietJet 

New Documents’ Templates 

More templates are available now with modern, neat designs and enhanced looks for the following selections:

  •       Arrival Notice
  •       Import File Cover Page
  •       Shipping Declaration
  •       Air Manifest

To add these templates, when printing the document click “Manage Templates”|Add template from library|Choose the template and click “Add”.

You can also contact us at: if you require any assistance.

New Variables in Reports and Documents

  •  In the Accounting Ledger Report, variables for « AR Invoice Date » and « AP Invoice Date » are included. These variables print the AR Invoice Date for Accounts Receivable lines and the AP Invoice Date for Accounts Payable lines.
  • A new variable for “Invoice Amount Due in Profit Currency” is now available in the Statement report.

Thank you for being a part of our journey towards enhanced productivity! We are here to support you every step of the way. Reach out to our dedicated support team at

For Sales, please contact:

Or visit our FAQ page for more information.

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