HTS Code Harmonized Tariff Codes

HTS code is an integral part of international trade. These harmonized tariff codes have been developed by the World Customs Organization (WCO). They represent a standardized international system for the classification of goods dispatched. They enable tracking and receiving information on the number of goods of a given type from different countries. Now is the time to learn more about international shipping classification methods, the two HTSs and HSs and their differences, their use, and so on. It will be useful for anyone with an international trade relationship - daily or less frequently. HTS Codes What exactly are HTS Codes?

What is Incoterms?

Anyone involved in international trade knows very well the Incoterms phenomenon. It actually means International Trade Conditions. It regulates the process between sellers and buyers, and more precisely ensures that there is no confusion. Incoterms is a very useful tool for communication and for establishing correct relations in the process of goods delivery between different participants. Incoterms is an impartial and universal representation. Assists the exporter and importer in the execution of each transaction as regards the part of the costs, logistics and management of transport and the possible risks with the shipment. And, of course, basically the responsibility that

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