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Logitude the first true online Freight forwarding solution developed specifically for the cloud. Logitude comes loaded with powerful yet easy-to-use business tools for freight forwarders. Logitude makes it easy to customize your default view for easy access to the information you need most often. Here you can also customize filters to simplify report preparation. Personalize your default view choosing from the list available. In any order you want from the main screen, you can also easily drag and drop columns in any order, and downloading an Excel spreadsheet is easy.
Once you set up personal view, Logitude lets you create a customized Excel chart for you to send your customers or keep for your records. Logitude includes a full range of predefined messages so you can easily keep your customers updated simply adapt the email templates for your needs or create new ones. The email messages sent are highly personalized coming from your own email address in containing your company’s logo and email signature within the body text to help you keep organized and quotes on the routing or documents page set operational notes. Create your own reminders or use the flag on the routing or documents page. Set operational notes for your customers and their partners and the system presents them with each corresponding shipment. Logitude keeps track of all the main activities in the system by logging them as events that can be viewed and queried by other users. The dashboard feature supplies real-time company statistics providing you with an important insight to help you make smarter business decisions. In the customer section you’ll find tools to help you keep track of your customers easily access records and information including the ranking and last shipments.
Logitude keeps detailed records of each customer so you can monitor their financials. Change customer information and monitor their financial history, add a logo, and even take notes that will appear on all their shipments so everyone is informed keeps a history of each customer’s quotes and shipments so you can easily update them on shipment statuses. Logitude helps you track important statistics, helping you make knowledgeable business decisions. Trust Logitude for more streamlined and efficient work processes to increase revenue and reduce overhead costs.
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