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Welcome to Logitude: the first true online freight forwarding solution developed specifically to the cloud. More than just freight forwarding software, Logitude is a comprehensive management solution you can use to streamline your daily billing and accounting tasks, as well. Creating an invoice with Logitude is easy, simply enter your receivables and use the default list for a quick start. Easily edit price quantity exchange rate and other information, confirm the invoice details and save. Once you save it, you can print the invoice or email it directly to your customer as a PDF.
While preparing an invoice, Logitude enables you to customize many of the elements, including: partner type, currency payment, terms, and more. A quick and simple way to handle collection tasks with Logitude is to check the aging report or drill down into the unpaid invoice list. The default view populates according to due dates, but you can easily customize the view and filter according to customer create an Excel report to send to a customer entering expected date for a payment or even create a payment and receipt. With Logitude, you can receive and enter a payment for multiple invoices or even receive and enter a partial payment. Once you’ve entered the information, you can print the receipt or email it to your customer. Most importantly, you won’t forget to collect.
Logitude offers a suite of tools to present your unpaid invoices and payments statuses at different levels, including the customer overview. While preparing shipment with Logitude, you can choose to enter an expected cost for each of the charges when vendor invoices are received. You can enter them and compare them to expected costs, approved for payment and create payments. You can then check your top creditors payables aging reports and unpaid or unapproved invoices and much more. Logitude knows that a basic need for any business is tracking your profit and loss figures – that’s why we provide a complete picture of your finances and enable you to easily access it online. Drill down to specific customer profits and losses for more detailed information to help you make future business decisions helping you every step of the way from shipments to billing and everything in between.
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Logitude World provides freight forwarders with advanced freight forwarding software to manage all operations on one digital platform and deliver superior freight services.

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