Shared Logistics – Track & Trace Shipment Features

Logitude’s international shipping track and trace tools ensure that you are always fully aware of an air cargo or shipment’s progress, providing peace of mind for both your organisation and your customers. Mobile access for customers provides you with constant on-the-move access by mobile phone, although access may be restricted in some countries.

Powerful Tracking Tools with Business & First Class Plans

These powerful tracking tools are only available with the two top-tier plans, Business and First Class.
Anytime Anywhere ensures that all authorized users and partners can gain access to the system 24 hours a day.
Customer Login allows customers to login and query or view subsets of data – including documents relating to the shipment.

’Track My Shipment’ Email Links

The Email Tracking Link feature enables your company to send customers a link in an email which accesses a track and trace page on the Internet, for convenient online air/sea shipment tracking.

Archived Documents

Access to Archived Documents allows agents to view and download relevant archives such as waybills, manifests, commercial invoices and packing lists.

Advanced International Air/Sea Cargo Track & Trace

Want to know more about how these international air and sea cargo track and trace features can enhance your day-to-day operations? Contact our friendly support team for further information.
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