Compare the full range of freight forwarding software packages to meet your needs. The Business package remains our most popular package with the most diverse range of features to meet your needs.



EconomyBusinessFirst Class
Monthly $45 USD /user/month $70 USD /user/month $90 USD /user/month
Annually $39 USD /user/month $65 USD /user/month $79 USD /user/month


EconomyBusinessFirst Class
Air, Ocean, Land
Import, Export
Standard Support
Setup Included
Unlimited Shipments
Unlimited Data Storage
2 GB Document Storage/user


EconomyBusinessFirst Class
Order Details
Booking Details
Consolidations and NVOCC
Flexible Document Printout
Email Templates
Sent Mail History
Shipment Status Update
Salesperson Management
Multi-leg,Multi-modal, Multi-pickup, Multi-delivery
AWB Stack (Air Export)
Web Track & Trace for customers
External Documents Archive


EconomyBusinessFirst Class
Ad Hoc Quotes
One-Click Shipment Generation
Email Templates for Quote Requests
Sent Mail History
Quote Status Update
Costs and Expected Profit
Query Not-Approved Quotes
Potential Customers
Correspondence Archival


Also Available as a Standalone Solution

EconomyBusinessFirst Class
Opportunity Management
Sales Funnel
Opportunity Overview
Document Management
Email Notifications
Contact Management
Roles and Restrictions
Outlook Connection

Invoicing and Collection

EconomyBusinessFirst Class
Multiple Invoices
Draft Invoice
Multiple Invoice Layouts
Print Invoices
Invoices Language Customization
Email Invoices
Sent mail history
Easy Access Invoice Preparation
VAT Customization
Generate Receipts
Customer Balance

Cost and Profit/Loss Analysis

EconomyBusinessFirst Class
Estimated and Actual Costs
Compare Projected and Earned Profits
Profit for Shipments in Consolidations
Profit as Integral Part of Online Statistics
Profit/Loss Per Charge Type
Vendor Invoices

Personalization and Customization

EconomyBusinessFirst Class
Personalize Queries
Export to Excel
Build Queries from Scratch
Add Queries to Your Personal Workspace
Customize Data Entry
Rules for Mandatory Fields and Validation
Create Email Templates
Custom Fields in Documents
Add Documents for Editing and Printing

Shared Logistics – Track & Trace

EconomyBusinessFirst Class
Online Company and Customer Statistics
Events Log
Daily Summary
Documents in PDF Format
Email Documents and Reports
Mail History
Follow-Up and To-Do Lists
Personal Workspace
Archive External Documents
Filing Inbox
Outlook Connection
Shared Logistics with Agent
Container Follow Up
Cross Docks
Shipment API
INTTRA Connectivity

Business Tools

EconomyBusinessFirst Class
Statistics Available to Authorized Users
External Users by Invitation Only
User Access Log
Events Log
Permissions According to Roles


EconomyBusinessFirst Class
Anytime, Anywhere
Customer Login
Email Tracking Link
Access to Archived Documents
Mobile Access for Customers

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