Can I change my service package in the future?

You can upgrade or downgrade your service package at any time; upgrades go into effect immediately. Downgrading the service package takes effect at the end of the billing cycle.

What is the cost of adding more space to the Documents Storage?

Each additional GB will cost one USD per month. This means that if a company with 5 users and 10 GB of storage needs to add 1 GB to the Documents Storage, the cost of the monthly subscription will grow by 1 USD only.

How many documents can be stored in 1 GB of storage?

The answer to this question depends on the size of each of the documents stored. For a general calculation we can estimate the size of an average document as 200k, and hence 1 GB is equivalent to 10,000 documents and in a company with 5 users (10 GB of storage) this is equivalent to 50,000 […]

Is there a limit on the storage I use?

There is no limit on the Data Storage you use, meaning there is no limit to the number of shipments or quotes you can open in Logitude. There is a limit on the Documents Storage. When you subscribe to the Logitude business package service you will receive 2 GB per user. This means that a […]

What are Data Storage and Documents Storage?

Data Storage is the archive of all the data entered while using the Logitude services. It contains shipments, quotes, receivables, payables, customers, contacts, documents created by Logitude and the like. Documents Storage is the archive of all the external documents filed by you. When you upload documents (e.g. OBL, packing list, commercial invoice, POD) into […]

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