What is e-AWB?

e-AWB is an IATA initiative to remove the paper AWB and replace it with electronic data.

If I use the Logitude e-AWB package can I stop printing AWB’s?

Yes, assuming you have signed an “e-AWB agreement” with the airlines. This contract is needed since the e-AWB replaces the paper AWB as a contract of carriage between the “shipper” (forwarder) and the airline.

If an airline does not support e-AWB at my origin, do I still benefit from the Logitude e-AWB package?

Primarily, you can avoid some airline fees by supplying Master and House AWBs electronically. You benefit from printing AWBs on blank A4 paper and receiving automatic statuses from the airlines, which you can forward to your customer. If there will be new users in the additional environment, then the payment is per user. Users in […]

What are the costs of e-AWB?

e-AWB is based on a subscription fee plus pay-per-use fees for the AWBs transmitted to the airlines. For pay-per-use plans, see packages below. Subscription is free for existing Logitude Economy and Business customers – you only need to pay per AWB transmitted to the airlines. If you are not a Logitude customer, subscription to the […]

How much do AWB packages cost?

AWB packages are shared across all of your users and are valid for 12 months (after which unused AWB credits will expire). Larger packages incorporate discounts reducing the cost per AWB. Additional packages can be purchased at any time.

Is the AWB package used when transmitting a HAWB to an airline?

You pay per message transmitted to an airline. If you transmit a MAWB and all the HAWBs, then you pay for all. Please note that it is advised to transmit HAWBs only in cases where due to such action you will avoid airlines fees.

Which airlines are supported?

Logitude e-AWB interfaces with the most leading airline companies in the world! For the full list of airlines click here. Please note that the following currency conversion fees (markup percent) will apply: Category Markup* Currency Codes Settlement — USD Majors 2.00% EUR, GBP, CAD, AUD Minors 3.00% DKK, HKD, JPY, NZD, NOK, SGD,  ZAR ,SEK, CHF […]

Can I try the service before I subscribe?

Yes! We have a demo environment where you can try the service. You can even simulate transmissions to airlines. Please contact us at info@logitudeworld.com.

Does the Logitude 30-day free trial include e-AWB?

The free trial includes simulation of transmission of e-AWBs to airlines. Live transmissions in a free trial environment are not permitted due to registration processes within the airlines. All other Logitude functionality is available during the 30-day trial.

When I formally subscribe, how long does it take for me to be live?

Standard registration with an airline takes up to 30 days, depending on the airline’s response time to our registration request.  In some cases more time might be needed. At the end of the 30-day period, you will be able to choose to stay with the Business Package or move to the Economy package.

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