HTS Code Harmonized Tariff Codes

HTS code is an integral part of international trade. These harmonized tariff codes have been developed by the World Customs Organization (WCO). They represent a standardized international system for the classification of goods dispatched. They enable tracking and receiving information on the number of goods of a given type from different countries. Now is the time to learn more about international shipping classification methods, the two HTSs and HSs and their differences, their use, and so on. It will be useful for anyone with an international trade relationship - daily or less frequently. HTS Codes What exactly are HTS Codes?

What is Incoterms?

Anyone involved in international trade knows very well the Incoterms phenomenon. It actually means International Trade Conditions. It regulates the process between sellers and buyers, and more precisely ensures that there is no confusion. Incoterms is a very useful tool for communication and for establishing correct relations in the process of goods delivery between different participants. Incoterms is an impartial and universal representation. Assists the exporter and importer in the execution of each transaction as regards the part of the costs, logistics and management of transport and the possible risks with the shipment. And, of course, basically the responsibility that

The Benefits of Shipping Management Software for Freight Forwarders

Everything around us is a commodity - every item in homes, office equipment, merchandise in all grocery stores and other large shopping malls. Have you ever wondered who and how came to the endpoint? Not everything was placed in a single truck and transported from point A to point B. Most shipments involved competent freight forwarders. It's great if you have the ability to use such a person, too, but unfortunately sometimes there are a number of problems when choosing a forwarder. Many of them are too busy and cannot serve you, others are only dealing with a specific type

What is Refrigerated Transport?

People tend to shop online a lot and all over the world. For this reason, the need for transportation of all goods is increasing today. This also necessitates an increase in the supply possibilities of carriers. Therefore, you will be able to find a reliable transit for your small and large shipments, even goods that need to be refrigerated. Due to the use of the refrigerated transport option, everyone can now deliver goods with a short shelf life. In every country you will find good transportation partners offering a wide range of services. What is refrigerated transport? Refrigerated transport (freight)

What is bill of lading?

The bill of lading is part of the important documentation that must necessarily be drawn up for the shipment to be transported along the chain. Also known as Bill of Lading (BL or BoL). The legal document contains key information about the goods and is issued by the carrier to the sender. It is designed for accurate accountability, clarity and compliance with legal requirements. It is an integral part of logistics processes. What is a bill of lading? The bill of lading is a major international document for the carriage of goods. Issuing it is the responsibility of the carrier

Top trucking companies

Every company must constantly improve and struggle to stand out from the rest of its competitors in the market. The fact that one year is at the top does not mean that one cannot stay in the back position very quickly. There are many profitable companies in the transportation sector that are increasing their sales by providing some benefits. These are lower fuel surcharges, lower rates and more. The year 2019 is about to end and soon it will become the first places to win the best transport company, after which a new competition among the champions will start. The

How to find a good freight forwarder?

Logistics professionals have difficulty finding reliable freight forwarders. The abundance of such is sometimes confusing as precise research and selection are required. Choose a company that can handle the quality of the freight tasks. If your logistics company is also in the process of looking for forwarders for long-term cooperation, then look at the sequence of steps that will help you reach the right people. What is a Freight Forwarder? Forwarders are companies that deal with the organization of transportation and logistics of goods in the supply chain. Their role is to optimize the process of moving goods around the

Everything you need to know about shipping barrels

Delivery methods are many and varied in order to achieve more cost-effective deliveries to anywhere in the world. Are you familiar with the delivery of goods in containers? This mode of transportation is known and most practiced in the Caribbean. If you also need to transport items abroad, the following lines will guide you in how you handle barrels. Then, it's much easier and faster to choose the best option for sending your shipment to loved ones, relatives or business partners - anywhere in the world. What is a shipping barrel? Transporting goods in barrels can be a very effective

What is the meaning of FOB?

The definition is contained in Incoterm and means "freeboard" or "cargo on board". Although the two terms are used as synonyms and mean the same, it should be noted that “cargo on board” is not an official term but is used only colloquially. Once it has become clear what the abbreviation FOB stands for, it is time to find out and what it stands for. FOB indicates the responsibility and ownership of the goods in international trade, and exactly when they are transferred from seller to buyer. The person who has made the commitment is responsible for any damaged or

What is NMFC Codes?

There are many concepts in the transport industry that would be good to know. Technologies are constantly being improved to achieve customer service efficiency. In the supply chain, many positive options are possible for either party, emergencies, and others to simplify or complicate the process. As in any other industry, there are numerous pitfalls and advantages here. In each case, however, you need to be aware of what is the right action. An important concept is the NMFC codes. They are used to classify goods. Thanks to them, it is now easier to send every day shipment. It may not

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