Logitude World provides the first true online freight forwarding software solution. It combines the power of cloud computing and modern technologies with a deep understanding of the Freight Forwarding Industry. Since Logitude’s SaaS solution is rich in software modules, Release Notes are regularly issued to keep users up-to-date about new features and enhancements, as well as changes that were made since the previous release. This version of the Release Notes introduces new features and functionalities, and describes existing features that were enhanced.

New Features

Quotation Module – Pilot Phase

The Quotation Module was designed to assist you customize your quotation templates in a few steps. It helps provide quick and accurate quotes to your customers, and manage versions and statuses. To explore the pilot phase of the Quotation Module to quickly design your quote templates and send them to your customers, please contact us at support@logitudeworld.com

INTTRA E-Booking

Logitude’s new e-booking service enables users to place booking requests using the INTTRA platform. Users can create booking requests via a new wizard in the shipment, and get response and details from carriers through INTTRA.
For more information, please contact us at info@logitudeworld.com.

Enhanced Features

Accounting Improvements

Manual Entry of AR Payment Number
If you need to manage an external counter for AR Payments, we now allow you to insert the AR payment number manually rather than take the next available number from the system counter. To enable this feature, set on the Allow Manual Payment Number Entry parameter in Maintenance | System Settings | Accounting Settings | Advanced Setting (under Accounting Receivable).

 Generic AR/AP Invoice Interface: VAT Adjustments

  • VAT external IDs in Logitude Accounting Interfaces: Following the split of the VAT external ID into two fields: Payables and Receivables, under the Accounting tab of a VAT type (Maintenance | Billings | VAT Types), the Accounting Generic Interface was adjusted to include the VAT external ID depending on the invoice type.
  • Multi-VAT details in Generic Interfaces: New tags have been added to the Generic and Advanced Generic interfaces for VAT details per invoice line: TaxDetails, isMultiTax – an indication that the line VAT is multi, and TaxTotalInInvoiceCurrency – VAT totals in the invoice level. When using the multi-VAT option in your invoices, these adjustments will supply you with the exact details of each VAT type used in the invoice including its code, percentage and amount.

Improvements in BI Reports

Adding BI Reports from the Library
System-designed BI reports from Logitude’s library can now be added to your environment. One such report is the Shipment Statistics BI Report. To add it, navigate to your BI reports folder and click on the Add Report from Library link at the top-right side of the page next to the Search box.

Query Columns – Last Run Date and Last Run By
The following new query columns have been added to BI report views:

  • Last Run Date: Shows the date and time the report was last run.
  • Last Run By: Shows the name of the last user who ran the report.

New Fields in Shipment BI Reports
New operational and money details are now available for adding to your BI reports:

  • Partner details: Freight Forwarder, Consignee not Importer, and Issuing Carrier’s Agent partners with all their details (full address and references)
  • Order details: Number of Packages, Volume, Chargeable Weight and Gross Weight
  • Money details: Estimate Profit in profit and local currencies

Mexican Market – SAT-Profact Interface Improvements

Transferring Consolidation Invoices to SAT

In addition to receivable invoices and credit notes, it is now possible to transfer to SAT consolidation invoices as well. This new feature also allows you to send consolidation invoices to your customers in PDF or XML format. To adjust your consolidation invoice template to print the invoice details including the Timbrado and QR codes, please contact us at support@logitudeworld.com.

SAT Communication Logs – Fail Status

The SAT communication logs for SAT Interface, Payment SAT Interface, SAT Interface Cancellation and Payment SAT Interface Cancellation, will now display a status indicating whether the invoices and payments were successfully transferred to SAT or not.  The status Fail will display only when there are technical errors preventing the invoice/payment XML from being received by SAT.

AMANAC Adjustments 

The following adjustments have been introduced to the AMANAC interface to help users easily manage shipment transmissions to AMANAC:

  • When selected, the AMANAC status will be shown in the shipment’s Customs tab.
  • A new column has been added to the Transfer History query in order to show all the shipments included in a certain transmission.
  • Mapping adjustments were applied to some fields, both in Air and Ocean shipments.

Shipment Automation Improvements

Is Empty Operator

A new operator – Is Empty – has been added for all automation field types: string, Boolean, integer, etc. Using this operator, you can define a large variety of automations. Example: an automation that will send an alert email when the main carriage carrier is null.

New Conditions

The following new conditions can be added from the Master entity in both Shipment and Master Automations:

  • Estimate Profit (Profit Currency)
  • Actual Profit (Local Currency)
  • Actual Profit (Profit Currency)
  • Created By Partner – if the shipment was created via API

Master Entity Fields vs Shipment Entity Fields in Automation

Both Shipment and Master Automations now contain the same Master entity fields. In order to have an automation applied to direct shipments, it is best to define it at Shipment level, where there are more fields available from the shipment entity.

Cross Docks Improvements

The following developments have been introduced to the Cross Docks module:

Cross Docks Entries – Routings

If you enter goods to the warehouse at a very early stage when no details about the shipment routings ports are available yet, you can benefit from the new adaptation in Routings: It is no longer required to enter the origin and final destination ports. The Origin and Destination fields were adjusted in all screens, views and documents to always print the data you entered, whether they are ports or countries.

Cross Docks Releases

  • Cross Docks Releases from Entries: Releases can be created from entries so that packages entered to a warehouse via a specific entry can easily be released. This option is available by clicking on the New Cross Dock Release button in the Connected Releases section of the Connected Entities tab.
  • Cross Dock Release Screen – New Design: The Cross Dock Release screen from the Cross Docks menu was adjusted so it is similar to the one you open from a shipment. With this new design, you will not have to fill the shipment’s transport mode and direction.
  • Change Release Status to Released When the Shipment is Departed: The system will automatically update the status of a release connected to export shipments to Released when the status of those shipments change to Departed.

Zooming to Releases and Entries
The View link beside the Cross Dock Entries and Releases records in the Connected Entities tab of shipments has been removed. To zoom into a specific entry or release, you can directly click on its number.

Cross Docks Printed Documents
The following new documents can be printed from Cross Dock entries and releases:

  • Warehouse Entry Labels: A document that prints labels for each one of the packages of an entry (total number of labels equals total number of packages in the entry).
  • Warehouse Release: A document that shows the details of released packages, grouped by their original entries.

You can add the documents to your environment via the Add Document from Library link in the Docs Out tab of entry and release entities.

Improvements to Inventory Reports

  • Days in Warehouse Filter: A new filter – Days in Warehouse, has been added to Inventory reports in order to show information about the number of packages that were entered to warehouses and were not released within a specific number of days.
  • Commodity Number Column: The Commodity Number field can be printed in the Inventory report to show the commodity number per package. To have the field available in your template, please contact us at support@logitudeworld.com.

General Improvements

Customers in the Agents List 

The new parameter – Show Shippers/Consignees in Agents List of Value in Maintenance | System Settings |System Defaults, enables users to select customers from the list of agents.

Created By Partner

In Shipment and Payable Invoice views where records can be opened in the system via APIs, the Created By Partner column can be used to see the computing partner that created the shipment.

More Airlines Connected – for e-AWB

The list of airlines to which Logitude can transmit your AWBs has been updated. Contact us at info@logitudeworld.com for registration.

Improvements in Reports and Documents

  • AR Invoices Including VAT Report: New columns are available for showing the charges per invoice and all the amounts, both in local and profit currencies. For more details, please contact us at info@logitudeworld.com.
  • Aging Report: New ranges (61_75, 76_90, 91_105 and 106_120 days) are available for adding to the report on request.
  • Statement Report: A new filter has been added for including data from draft AR Invoices in addition to approved ones.

Customer State Column

The State column can be added to customer views.

Shipment Adjustments

House Shipment Numbers – List

A new message variable has been added to shipments so as to enable users to send emails containing the house shipment numbers from a master.

Search Shipments by AMS HBL#

The Quick Search function in the Shipments workspace allows users to search shipments by AMS HBL#.

Adjustments to Date Query Columns

The Final Arrival Date columns in queries have been adjusted to incorporate the on-carriage and delivery legs. The main carriage Departure and Arrival columns have been adjusted to include all of the main carriage legs.

New Shipment Documents and Templates

Documents for the Moroccan Market

  • Inland Manifest: A document to be printed from inland consolidations in order to submit to the ports authorities. It shows details from the connected houses and packages.
  • Shipment Confirmation: A document that can be sent to the customer once the booking is completed and all the details are filled in the shipment.

New Template for Booking Confirmation

A new booking confirmation document specific for air shipments. It is sent to the customer once the booking is made. You can add the documents to your environment via the Add Document from Library link in the Docs Out tab of shipments.

New Help & Training Resources

The Help Center is continually enriched with helpful training materials that provide answers to your inquiries and help you better understand the system’s features. The following has been added recently:

  • API Setup and Process – an updated version of the API User’s Guide that provides instructions for executing Logitude’s API services
  • AMANAC Interface Tutorial – a document that shows how to setup and activate the AMANAC interface.

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