CHAMP Forwarding Systems’ Logitude solution offers INTTRA data exchange

New feature enables freight forwarders seeking one-stop connection to the most extensive network of ocean freight carriers in the industry Luxembourg, 1 October 2019 – CHAMP Forwarding Systems’ Logitude, a full freight forwarding solution, now offers messaging via the INTTRA Ocean Trade Platform for communicating with ocean shipping lines. Logitude’s INTTRA feature provides a fast path to building a shipping instruction to plan, book, and track shipments. Founded in 2001, INTTRA is the largest ocean shipping network in the world with over 30,000 active shippers across 200 countries. The platform offers booking and other software and services for both forwarders and

Logitude Release Notes – Version R4.19 September 2019

Logitude World provides the first true online freight forwarding software solution. It combines the power of cloud computing and modern technologies with a deep understanding of the Freight Forwarding Industry. Since Logitude’s SaaS solution is rich in software modules, Release Notes are regularly issued to keep users up-to-date about new features and enhancements, as well as changes that were made since the previous release. This version of the Release Notes introduces new features and functionalities, and describes existing features that were enhanced. New Features Mexico Market - New Localization Feature Electronic Transmission of Cargo Manifests (SAM-M3) and Boarding Knowledge (B/L)

How do freight brokers find shippers
How do freight brokers find shippers?

Freight brokers are agents who seek to find reliable freight forwarders to contact the carriers for the purpose of moving cargo. However, research in this regard, as well as customer acquisition, is challenging for sales representatives. To do this, they have to use many different methods and take more time to provide the best for the business. Before making a final decision, it is a good idea to know the nature of the production of the particular goods, where they come from, what measures should be taken when transporting them to preserve them. How do freight brokers find freight forwarders?

what is freight management
What is freight management?

Every business owner operating in the commodity market is looking for the most cost-effective solution. This includes activities from the very production, storage and transportation of the goods to their final destination. This expresses cargo management, but it hides other logistics operations, a lot of human resources and the competence of the governing bodies. Each manager must achieve the best coordination between freight forwarders and carriers in order to transport cargo quickly and safely. Cargo and freight management involves many tariffs and fees that must be negotiated in order to be cost effective for the customer. What is freight management?

best logistics software
What is the best logistics software for my business?

Do you need logistics software, or rather, what business doesn't need logistics software solution? Time is a valuable resource and productivity needs to increase. For this purpose, every company undoubtedly needs to manage the logistics process. A well-designed and customized platform can greatly facilitate the work of any management staff, accounting department, contractors, etc. Logistics software management system will give you the ability to control supply chain actions, streamline internal processes, and contribute to greater profitability.   What is logistics software and when is it appropriate to implement it? Almost every industry needs good logistics in order to better fulfill

Logistics Management Software vs Third Party Logistics

Logistics Management Software vs Third Party Logistics When businesses grow large enough to need shipping beyond their local area, they may encounter a pretty common dilemma: should they choose Third Party Logistics or 3PL or should they go with Logistics Software Solutions? When it comes to making shipments that are too large to benefit financially from parcel shipping and too small to benefit from using a full truckload, small to midsized freight logistics companies look to third party logistics or 3PL. 3PL can help companies get the best deals on less-than truckloads or LTL shipping. 3PLs can also integrate shipping

Logismed 2019

Join the Logitude team at Logismed 2019 hosted at Le Foire Internationale de Casablanca.

CNS Partnership Conference

Meet with CHAMP at CNS Partnership Conference hosted at Doral National – Miami, Florida! The CNS Partnership Conference continues to be the premier cargo event, keeping members up-to-date and connected with the latest developments in the air cargo industry through a conference type set-up in addition to a variety of panels and break-out sessions. Each year our conference brings together over 600 highly placed air cargo professionals from the US and around the world, including executives from airlines, freight forwarders, ground handlers, IT providers, shippers and more. For more information, please click here.

Air Cargo Europe

Join the Logitude team at the CHAMP booth along with the wider CHAMP Executive and Sales teams at Air Cargo Europe hosted at the Messe Munchen! Air Cargo Europe, the international industry gathering for the global air freight industry is taking place in Munich since 2003. The exhibition is part of transport logistic, the world’s leading trade fair for logistics, mobility, IT, and supply chain management. More information to come… For more information, please click here.  

Finding the Best Freight Broker Software

Finding the Best Freight Broker Software A lot of freight brokers need software that incorporates different applications to maximize their business’s efficiency. Freight management software, also called transportation management software (TMS) can help these companies manage all aspects of business by organizing and standardizing their system. With an abundance of freight management software available, selecting the software that’s right for your business can prove difficult. So how does one choose the best software? No freight broker software is created the equal, though they may have the same function. Every company believes their software to be the best. Regardless of a

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