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The air waybill this is old as the aviation industry itself those paper documents have always been at the core of Air Freight because they were right. Well, actually the list of drawbacks is pretty long. First, these physical pieces of paper need to be printed, transported, copied, tracked, filed, and retrieved. And often, you’re stuck paying fees to the airlines to handle them. So what if you could reduce all these steps and especially those Airline fees. Well, you can with electronic air waybills or eAWBs like all things digital they save money, time, and mistakes – making every single step more efficient to everyone involved electronic air waybills are being promoted by IATA. They minimize those per document costs and they help the environment, too. Best of all, once you get started and go digital Logitude can help you had all kinds of time and money saving features to streamline the process.
Let’s see how. We start with Logitude’s eAWB wizard – it walks you through each step of data entry and will never forget to include all mandatory data as field required by the airlines or clearly marked. Once that’s done you can instantly review the eAWB. If it all looks right, a single click send it over to the airline. Now a paper air waybill can’t keep you up-to-date on the delivery status, but an eAWB can. All status updates from the airline are received and stored for your reference. Need to transmit a full consolidation? It’s all prepared for you on the fly. Naturally, you’ll want to use Logitude to print manifest and labels as well or use the email function to send that airway bill to customers or agents.
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