Best trucking companies

Every company must constantly improve and struggle to stand out from the rest of its competitors in the market. The fact that one year is at the top does not mean that one cannot stay in the back position very quickly. There are many profitable companies in the transportation sector that are increasing their sales by providing some benefits. These are lower fuel surcharges, lower rates and more. The year 2019 is about to end and soon it will become the first places to win the best transport company, after which a new competition among the champions will start.

The best shipping companies

There are many well-developed companies in the handling industry that are well known all over the world. They operate a huge carpool and provide thousands of jobs worldwide. Here are two of them:

AAA Cooper Transport

The company is headquartered in Dothan, Alabama, USA. It was founded back in 1955 by JH Dove and has existed to this day. The company offers good conditions and a wide range of transport services. It offers its customers International Courier, port and more. AAA Cooper Transportation is still owned by one family, showing their brilliant management.

Acme Truck Line, Inc.

Acme Truck Line, Inc. is known as one of the most famous and successful businesses in New Orleans. It was founded a little later, 5 years after AAA Cooper Transportation, but is a great leader. The company is not based in Greene, Louisiana, but initially started working in New Orleans. The company is a giant in the transportation industry – it has a huge fleet and trucks that are constantly on the move (24 hours a day). This indicates that customers tend to prefer Acme Truck Line, Inc. because they receive a demand for quality service. Many people who provide personalized services work to reach this high level.

Largest US AutoCompanies

FreightAmerican Freightways

Originally, the company was named Arkansas Freightways and is headquartered in Harrison, Arkansas. Today it is already in the top charts for the largest transportation companies in the United States. However, it was famous until its acquisition by FedEx Corporation.

FedEx Corporation

As you may have learned from the above lines, the biggest giant always wins. FedEx Corporation has become a leader in transportation services, acquiring other companies over the years. Its headquarters are in Memphis, Tennessee. It is no secret that in 2018, FedEx reported a profit of $ 4,572 billion, and each share was traded for $ 244. These accounting data show the greatness of the company and not in vain for such popularity. Customers are pleased that the company delivers overnight delivery and has brilliant technology to track every shipment movement.

Averitt ExpressAveritt Express

TheCompany was founded in 1958 with headquarters in Cookeville, Tennessee. He works in 18 states in the Southeastern United States, which means he is able to serve a large part of the country, and in quality. There is no service that you cannot benefit from. The wide range includes cross-border transport (Mexico, Puerto Rico, US Virgin Islands, Canada), international (by air or water), LTL shipping, fast orders, as well as adverse weather delivery, port, storage, transport management and more.

The best transportation companies to work for

More and more people are beginning to be interested in job vacancies in the automotive industry, as many market leaders offer good working conditions and high salaries. Of course, the most important quality of each frame is good driving skills. If you have a similar experience, then you might want to look at vacancies available at different companies. As in any other sector, pay will vary, with some offering better income and social packages than other companies.

Specific names cannot be mentioned as the search is in a different direction. Paying is also based on courses that are underway – more difficult route maneuvering is more expensive. The choice to apply is entirely yours – tailor it to your lifestyle, your family, etc.

Top Paid Transportation Companies

Acme Truck Line, Inc.

As has become clear, Acme has a large number of trucks, some 2,900 trucks located in 7 states. This automatically makes it possible to hire you more as more staff are needed. In addition, at such a company you will have much higher security for paying time, since Acme is known for this good reputation. Working in the company you will have many additional benefits – debit cards and direct deposit for easy payment, damage insurance, cash advance and more.


Having experience as a driver, you will not regret going to Walmart. Although the main business of the company is not transportation, they have their own trucks, hire drivers and pay well. You will receive even more good training, mileage payment, 5 and ½ work week, quarterly bonuses and more. Extra social benefits are also not to be underestimated – medical examinations, dental, life insurance, free vision examinations and medicinal benefits. This all sounds very good, but keep in mind that the rental requirements are not small. A minimum of 30 months of full-time experience with a tractor or trailer is required, and in the last three years, you should not have a sentence for OUI, DUI or DWI, alcohol or drug use for the past 10 years, etc.

GP Transco

GP Transco is the next reputable driver rental company. The average salary here is about $ 75,000 a year. The company does not observe staff turnover because the managers take care of their employees and respect them. As you have already noticed, the financial part is favorable and there are also social packages and benefits in the field of transport.

GP Transport Carrer

At GP Transport you will meet a pleasant management team and colleagues. Many employees have spent all their work experience in the same workplace. This shows that there is something to keep them. Here you can start from low levels and gradually rise into the hierarchy, seeing how the automotive industry works. You will drive all over the country and be rewarded financially well.


CRST International is a company that offers good conditions for beginners as well as experienced individuals. It has its own trucking school where you can obtain a CDL license. This is a company that has never had a firing case. You will work in teams that are specifically selected to live in one area.

Payment is fast and on time – twice a week, with the possibility of an advance payment, medical benefits and additional accident insurance, vision loss, dental problems and more. The company offers the option of canceling travel due to illness or bad weather.

Best Trucking Companies with Team Drivers

Some drivers are looking for trucking companies to operate the trucks on their own and others to work in teams (usually beginners). The companies that offer a pair of driver employees are the ones mentioned above, but there are other carriers that hire mostly drivers who move in a team. This allows the carrier to fulfill faster orders as both drivers can change and so they do not have to rest. The best companies known for hiring team members are:

Shaffer Trucking

The company was founded many years ago, back in 1930, and is headquartered in New Kingstown, PA. Shaffer Trucking has a base of trucks and a large number of drivers who carry mostly chocolate products. Of course, these shipments prevail, but there are other shipments with different goods.

Despite its headquarters, the company operates in many markets to meet the demands of more and more customers. So over time Shaffer Trucking builds a good image of being a loyal and fast carrier.

Pride Transport

Pride Transport was established in 1977 in England. Prior to being officially established, she already had extensive experience in the automotive industry – over 20 years, which subsequently brought many old and new customers. The company is popular and prosperous and is recognized as a “green front” which does not happen very often. It can be said that business is mainly focused on refrigerated transport. The carrier has a suitable car base available to offer the best service to its customers – quickly and efficiently.

Celadon Trucking

Celadon Trucking was founded in 1985, with headquarters in Indianapolis. Today, it is a company leader in the automotive industry, and widely popular with many North American companies. Their accounts show a pretty good income – over $600 million, so employees make good profits.

Celadon Trucking has over 4,000 employees located worldwide. The car park is also rich and unamortized – about 300 tractors and 8,700 trailers. He follows the innovations in the market and looks for a way to offer the best technologies and high quality of service performance.


Werner Enterprises is a company that starts from scratch. Started back in 1956 with only one truck. And it may be a little strange, but the company has since been opened by 19-year-old Clarence L Werner. Today, things are much different – growth is significant.

It offers a wide range of transport services and services to many countries, or more to almost the whole world. He is involved with about 11,500 in number, as well as many independent executives. The private carpool is also not to be underestimated – there are over 7,000 tractors and about 24,000 trailers. Thanks to the good work of all employees, orders are executed on time and very efficiently.


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