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Logitude Freight Forwarding Software

May 2023

Logitude World arms you with digital freight forwarding solutions to deliver superior services tailored to your customer’s needs by using the power of cloud computing and modern technologies to make sure you are ahead of your competitors. 

Since we are on a continuous journey of development and as Logitude is rich in software modules, release notes are regularly issued to keep you up-to-date about new features and enhancements, as well as changes that have been made since the previous release.

This version of the release notes introduces new features and functionalities while also describing enhanced existing features.

New Features

Customer Digital Portal

Logitude’s Customer Digital Portal is built right into its system and it’s super helpful for your team. It saves you loads of time and effort by letting you give your customers real-time updates on their shipments and invoices. And get this: They can access it from their desktop or even their mobile device. It’s really user-friendly and easy to handle.

  • Archive Shipment in Digital Portal: Say hello to an organized and streamlined experience! 
  • Multi Language Support to Digital Portal: Don’t let language barriers hold you back!
  • Pending Approval Documents: Approve documents that were uploaded by your customers.

Tariffs Module (Rate Management)

Logitude’s new Tariffs Module is here to make your life easier! With this module, you can now manage preset rates that can be applied to any type of quote or shipment. It’s easy to create tariffs and enter rates for ocean, air, and customs charges using the different tariff types available.  

Enhanced Features


Streamline your tasks and ensure that important actions are carried out without any manual effort.

With Logitude’s Automation Module, you can set up automatic actions based on specific conditions. These predefined actions, known as « Automation, » are triggered by events. For example, when you create a new direct shipment, you can specify that an arrival notice document follow-up should be generated or an email should be sent to a specific user or contact automatically.


  • Searching by Trailer Number

To help you better find and organize your inland shipments, now you can search by the “Trailer Number” for this specific shipment.

  • Pre/On Carriage Legs in Master & Pre/On Forwarding in Shipment

To manage shipment routes more and cover all possibilities, we’ve added the ‘Pre Carriage’ and ‘On Carriage » legs to the Master shipment level. 

This will help you better manage more legs of the shipment for improved tracking and tracing.

BI Reports

For you to have a better experience in reporting, decision-making, and analyzing the measurable aspects of your business, we are constantly improving the BI Reports Module to help you access the data in the Logitude Data Warehouse (DW) or Private DWH . 

The following changes have been made to the BI reports:

  • Number of connected houses- a new field in Master Fact
  • Quote Types – a new field in Quotes Fact
  • KPIs Document Fields 
  • Direct Links to BI Entities – Quote Fact

ICS2 Compliance

Ready to take on the new Import Control System 2 (ICS2)? With our latest release, Logitude has got you covered! Say goodbye to compliance headaches as we’ve made changes that make it easier and more accurate to follow the ICS2 system.

Mexican Market – SAT Interface

Addenda node as additional information

Logitude has simplified things for you by including the expense charges in the invoice XML as additional information called « Addenda. » This means you can easily see the expense charge details separately from the main Concepto nodes, and you have the flexibility to decide whether to include them when sending the invoice to SAT or not.

Give the option not to transfer to SAT but still can be shared with customers 

QuickBooks Integration

Logitude’s Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable modules are fully integrated with QuickBooks for efficient transfer of invoice data. The recent improvements are:

  • Support for bank account translation for AP for AR Payments. 
  • Add TaxCodeRef Tag for Multiple Shipments in AP Invoice transfer.

Newly Added Airlines and Ports:

Now you can register for e-AWB with these airlines:

  • South American Airways
  • Stabo Air
  • Titan Airways

Thank you for being a part of our journey towards enhanced productivity! We are here to support you every step of the way. Reach out to our dedicated support team at

For Sales, please contact:

Or visit our FAQ page for more information.

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