Logitude World provides the first true online freight forwarding software solution. It combines the power of cloud computing and modern technologies with a deep understanding of the Freight Forwarding Industry.

Since Logitude’s SaaS solution is rich in software modules, Release Notes are regularly issued to keep users up-to-date about new features and enhancements, as well as changes that were made since the previous release.

This version of the Release Notes introduces new features and functionalities, and describes existing features that were enhanced.

Enhanced Features

Improvements in BI Reports (available for the Business Package)

The following improvements in BI reports will be available two weeks after the version release.

Upload a Standard Report

A new button – Upload a Standard Report, has been added to the main page of the BI Reports so that you can retrieve system-designed BI reports into your environment. The New BI Report button is used to build new reports from scratch.

Download BI Reports to PDF 

In addition to the option of downloading BI reports to Excel, it is now possible to download them to a PDF file designed with your logo, company name, page number and more details. This option – PDF File, is available from the Download menu in report preview mode.

For more details about this feature, please contact us at support@logitudeworld.com.

New Fields in BI Reports 

New routing, money and operational details are now available for adding to your BI reportsConnected Quote shows the number of the quote connected to your shipment.

Permissions and Restrictions

View Only Shared Views

When creating a shared view (via the Shared tab in the Create New View window), the new View Only option can be activated so that the users will not be allowed to change the query filters.

Automation Improvements

Sending Documents in Print Format

It is now possible to attach Print-format documents (PDF) to email results in automations. A document can be chosen only after it has been built and printed.

Delayed Automation Based on Variable Date and Time Fields

The delayed email result option has been further extended and it can now be set off before or after a variable date-time field. For example, send follow up to the creators of import shipments specific days and hours prior to the ETA to remind them to file documents like Commercial Invoice.

Paid Date in AP Invoices Automation

The Paid Date field has been added to the AP Invoice conditions for defining an automation that checks the paid date of the AP invoice.

Currency Rate Updates – Quick Accessibility 

The Currencies Rates link has been added to the top right corner of the workspace to provide quick access to exchange rates. Via this link users can view, edit and track currency rates from any module and entity in the system, without having to navigate to this option via Settings or Maintenance.

Shipment Adjustments

Pre/On-Carriage Carrier 

Users can choose any carrier in the pre/on-carriage legs despite the chosen transport mode for that leg.

MAWB Repetition

From now on, if a MAWB is repeated, Logitude users can manage it in a new shipment without having to erase the number from the old shipment it was used in. Please note that this is allowed only if the previous shipment that used the number is older than one year. 

Connected Quote Column

A new query column – Connected Quote, has been added to the available fields in Shipment views. It shows the number of the quote that is connected to the shipment.

Pickup/Delivery Events Adjustment

The shipment status will not be changed in the case of multiple pickups/deliveries, until all the pickups/deliveries arrive.

Incoterm Updated Event

Users will be able to track incoterm changes via a new event that will be added automatically each time the Incoterm field is updated.

Import Storage Fee Adjustments 

A new button has been added to the warehouse leg to enable the calculation of storage fees based on the expected date of release.

For more information and activation, please contact us at support@logitudeworld.com.

Inland Shipment Type Conversion 

A new action has been added to Inland transportation, to enable users to convert inland shipments from FTL to LTL and vice versa.

Updated List of Airlines for e-AWB 

The list of airlines to which Logitude can transmit your AWBs has been updated. To check the airlines you can connect with via the e-AWB module, navigate to the e-AWB page on our website or contact us at info@logitudeworld.com.

Shipment API Adjustments 

The following adjustments have been introduced to shipment APIs: 

  • All partners sent in the API will be added to the shipment with their primary contact and main address.
  • Receivables and payables can better handle charges whose UOM is percentage of freight.

Quote Adjustments

Quote Multi-Currency

The Multi-Currency mode has been added to the Sale Currency options in a quote. In the same way that the sale currency is defined as “Same as Cost”, it can now be defined as “Multi-Currency” so that different currencies can be used for cost and sale on the same line, for charges.

For more information and activation, please contact us at support@logitudeworld.com.

Accounting Improvements

AP Invoice Paid Date

The Paid Date column was added to AP Invoices queries to indicate the paid date of each invoice.

Zero AP Invoices 

On approval of any AP invoice whose total amount is 0, the amount will be automatically saved as ‘Paid’ without having to connect it to a payment.

Search Invoices/Payments Notes 

Users can now search for an invoice/payment using its internal notes.

Generic Interface: Country Code

The country code of partners was added to the generic interface next to the country name, for all entities.

Accounting Setting Permission

New custom roles can be created that do not include the option to edit the account settings.

Charge Types VAT

The Charge Types list of values was updated to show the VAT type in addition to the existing fields in the list.

Mexican Market – SAT-Profact Interface Improvements

Exchange Rate Validation

A warning message will be issued while sending receivable invoices to SAT via Profact, to notify users of exchange rates that are not up-to-date. Users can then update the exchange rate so that invoices are sent with the current rate.

Void Invoices Excluded from SAT Failed Queries

Invoices and Payments that have failed the transmission to SAT for any reason will be removed from the SAT Failed Invoices and SAT Failed Payments queries, as soon as they get voided. The system will automatically change their statuses to No Transfer Needed.

AMANAC Ocean Mapping 

AMANAC Ocean mapping was enhanced to include more fields. The existing mappings were revised to send the accurate data needed for the Mexican customs.

Performance – Improved Search Mechanism in Customer Queries

We continually monitor the performance of Logitude in order to provide high-quality user experience. In this release, you will notice improvements in the search mechanism of the customer queries.

Contact Information

For more information or to log in to Logitude, please visit www.logitudeworld.com.

For questions or remarks regarding these release notes, please open a ticket at support@logitudeworld.zendesk.com.

For Sales, please contact: info@logitudeworld.com

Happy New Release!

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