What is overnight delivery?

Some see it as next day delivery or one day delivery. Overnight accommodation is actually such a delivery opportunity that guarantees customers that they will receive their order the next day. It all depends on several factors, but nevertheless every seller strives to offer express and timely deliveries. This option is quite good as there are many parties involved in the process and there can always be an emergency. 

How to offer overnight delivery to your customers?

The best place to do this is to mention this service in your online store. That way everyone will be able to see this advantage and choose you over some of your competitors. Working with a third party logistics provider (3PL) can help you make this great overnight delivery option.

All you have to do as an online retailer is to create a drop-down delivery menu with various options for customers to choose from. These include two-day, land, overnight, and same-day delivery.

This requires you to work with different carriers to fulfill the order in a short time – from loading from the warehouse to receiving from the end customer. However, one never knows which order you will be in order picking, as carriers move from many different places and serve many businesses. When requested, they can pick up the package the same day, later or the next day. This affects the time of arrival of the goods to the final consignee.

A Guide for Overnight Shipping

The so-called “freight forwarding” is a slightly special transport service. It is most commonly used for the urgent delivery of goods. The mail also has a similar service, but the trust of the senders is not as great as that of the private carriers.

Nowadays, the logistics industry of well-established companies guarantees the security of sending and receiving a shipment to the end point, so that people tend to even pay a higher price for it. 

As it became clear, an emergency delivery can be made in a short time. It is important that a consignment is categorized so that the fastest route and choice of vehicles can be drawn up. The categorization is mainly done by dividing light and heavy consignments, and transport can only be by air, water, combined, etc. However, for next day delivery, the guarantee can only be within one country. 

Types of overnight delivery packages The

Аbundance of shipping agencies gives you the right to choose a wide carrier, but there are also various packages that are determined on packages. What matters is their volume, how quickly they have to be delivered and to what point they have to arrive.

All of this determines the ability to reach the ultimate goal for the day and affects the price. Of course, the cost of the delivery service goes up when you have requirements for more express delivery. Here are the main types of deliveries.

Critical overnight delivery

There are many types of goods that are absolutely urgent, though you may not think of them right now. Examples of this are some important documents, as well as consumables used in medicine. Just imagine if some basic things are not available in a hospital or medical center for a while – syringes, gauze, disinfectants and more. Sometimes it can even be life and death.

Such supplies are called critical precisely because of their inevitable need. The good thing is that today all orders can be executed to avoid stressful situations. Within the country, trucks and buses are used in nearby cities, but it is also possible to take air travel to some destinations – even routes are available 7 days a week, 24 hours. Other companies only offer weekdays, but again it won’t be much delay.

Next Day Air Delivery

In the US, commercial airlines are very often used to deliver fast shipping to various major cities. This is the fastest method, but it does not carry the same security and assurance as it did in previous critical overnight packages.

However, shippers have little choice and often rely on this type of shipment. Thanks to modern technology, shipments in most cases arrive in the same form, without damage and loss, and on time. This is due to the high level of professionalism and the right route – its full optimization.

Benefits of overnight delivery

Despite the higher price you will pay for a one-day delivery, in great need, all funds are justified. This kind of option as a service gives a number of advantages to senders and recipients when they need to get something very urgent. Thanks to well-developed shipping companies, everything is possible to get in the right hands, quickly and at the right time. Here are the main benefits of overnight delivery:

  • You have the option to insure the packages you send – for their full value. In the event that something happens with the delivery or with the goods, you will be given compensation.
  • Different modes of transport are used to fulfill the requirements of the shipper for fast delivery.
  • There is an option for personalized service – good companies offer such an opportunity. This means, for example to fit specific requirements such as signature of the recipient in making shipping and other.
  • Able to easily track the shipment at any time – online or by phone
  • Оption to track multiple shipments from your account and you can even take advantage of discounts.


Best overnight delivery options overnight


USPS calls its Priority Mail Express or Express Express only guaranteed transport service. This is an easy, convenient and secure way to send something valuable or fast to another place – just for one night. Very often used to send documents.

They are busy all year round, which means you will always find a way to get fast delivery. USPS are extremely loyal and compensate their customers if the package is not delivered on time – they are refunded the full shipping cost. The price is very reasonable and it doesn’t matter what distance and weight it is.


UPS are proven to be the best overnight carriers within the US. If you are looking for a way of express service and high warranty, choose them. They offer many options, some of which will certainly meet the individual requirements of each client. 

They have a great advantage in the supply field as they operate one of the largest aircraft fleets in the world. The overnight service for them is called UPS Next Day Air and the price ranges from $ 30- $ 63. There is another option for Air Saver if you do not need such express delivery – until 3:00 pm or 4:30 pm, and stay for the next day.


FedEx Overnight is one of the best solutions for fast delivery. They are provided by other major operators, such as UPS. In a word, FedEx will also do its utmost to deliver the shipment quickly and accurately to the final recipient. Choosing this option can give you peace of mind as they give you a full guarantee of delivery of the package by the next business day.

The benefits of FedEx are many, but they are all due to workflow optimization. In the course of executing many orders, they reach a point in which there are almost no emergencies – they do not violate agreed terms. The options you could order here are:

  • FedEx First Overnight for next morning deliveryDelivery
  • FedEx PriorityNight at 10:30 AM or by noon in the remote
  • FedEx Standard Delivery Night before 3:00 PM or 4:00 PM: 30 for the countryside and 8:00 pm atResidences

FedEx Standardovernight in a half-pound envelope starts at $ 46.38. If you already need FedEx First Overnight, you should be prepared for a much higher amount – up to $ 81.69!


Amazon is one of the giants that offers fast and secure deliveries worldwide. However, if you are in the country, you will be able to take advantage of one-day fast delivery. Just place an order for such an item that offers this option. Delivery is only available within one business week, but Amazon offers almost every city 7 days a week. There is no such place as Saturday, Boston is a similar area. 

Now you might ask yourself the next question, namely the price of the service. You probably think that fast shipping is associated with a high price. This is not true, especially if you own the Amazon Prime package. It is paid annually and with it same day delivery is $ 5.99, and only for goods under $ 35. Other higher value items are delivered absolutely free of charge. Without this membership, the shipping cost is slightly higher, but not unbearable – $ 8.99 plus $ 0.99 per item.

No matter which company you choose to trust for the fast delivery service, there is no one that will guarantee you safe success. Undoubtedly, however, the preference is for USPS, UPS and FedEx, which have proven to be the most effective and reliable in time. Well, the cheapest but also safe options for carriers that will handle your quick delivery of a particular shipment were mentioned here. Take advantage of them!

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