What is expedited shipping?

In simple terms, it is a process of sending a shipment faster than the usual method. However, this is associated with a higher price because you receive a more urgent service and any freight forwarding company will prepare you an offer «expedited» according to the conditions under which it operates. Each parcel can be delivered anywhere within one day to three days. 

How fast is this type of delivery – how long will it take for the recipient? These are issues that concern a number of free market users or businesses. Everything will become clear a little further. What matters here is the very definition – expedited delivery. The term is widely used in the transport industry and logistics, and the type of service is highly preferred by customers. 

Delivery time is sometimes extremely important for one party – in some cases for the sender, other times for the recipient. That is why many forward shipping options are laid down in freight forwarders policy. The goal is to keep everyone calm, so that they can transport goods quickly and seamlessly – sometimes economically, and when needed, quite expressly. In the following lines you will be introduced to the nature of shipping and other types of express delivery and will have the opportunity to make the right choice. 

Meaning of fast delivery

The word «expedire» is derived from Latin. Divided into two parts means «releasing the legs», coming from «ex» – «out» and «ped» – leg. Looking at the dictionary, you will come across that the word is defined as an «act of speed.» Later, the term became more present with the addition of «t» – «expedite» (accelerate). Thus, over time, to this day, courier companies use the concept of accelerated delivery, which is equivalent to fast delivery. 

The importance of this type of delivery stems from the accelerated process of transporting the shipment from one point to another, i.e. it is given priority over other goods. This naturally leads to the choice of a faster method from logistics specialists, which increases the final cost of the shipment (higher transport costs). There is no standard tariff for the service – each company has its own price list included in the policy of operation and management of the courier services.

Expedited shipping can take anywhere from a day to three days. It is divided into the following options:

  • Same-day
  • delivery Next-day
  • delivery Express delivery, which takes a day or even up to three days for international shipments

Shipping companies also make extensive use of these fast deliveries to offer the right rates to their customers. The standard rate is up to three business days. These are, in fact, the importance of valuable expedited deliveries that can be used for any type of service – not only locally but also internationally.

Be sure to check out these expedited options at the various freight forwarding companies. This will provide you with faster delivery than standard. 

What is the difference between express and accelerated service?

Often, the terms express and expedited delivery are put under the common denominator, but they have some differences. It may be because they are generally synonymous from the point of view of spoken language. However, in the transportation business they can be offered as one or two different services. The Big Giants have a similar distinction.

This is where the difference comes from the courier company policy:

  • By default, it is clear that express delivery is faster than expedited. That’s right – shipments are delivered within the next day.
  • With expedited delivery, delivery time is also quite satisfactory, but is within a day to three days.  

These different options affect the final price of the goods. Delivery sometimes turns out to be a big pen and even if the value of the item is good, fast deliveries can almost double it. Different couriers will make you quotes based on their shipping routes. The calculations depend on the zone or zones to be traversed to reach the end point. That is why the cost of fast and express delivery differs, although the optimization of the transport route is catching up in both cases. 

Both express and expedited shipping are considered to be the best options for fast shipping, so take a good look at the different freight forwarding companies in this case. Of course, it is important to consider how urgent the shipment is.  

Standard vs. Expedited Delivery

There is another important difference between deliveries, leaving economical (most delayed) delivery aside. It’s about the difference between standard and expedited delivery.  Expedited shipping will cost you more due to the shorter delivery time. The standard can be at a lower price or free, and you’ll have to wait a little longer – about a week.

The more cost-effective option for the customer is standard receipt, but it is not appropriate for non-durable goods or those with special storage conditions. It is best to research different companies with their bid prices to make sure they are able to live up to the expectations you have. 

Expedited Delivery

When choosing an expedited delivery service, it is assumed that the shipment will be released with express status by the courier. There is also an option to choose «first class delivery«, listing the package as a priority. With expedited delivery you will be able to track transit goods.

And with expedited deliveries, there are some tricks you can use to get goods faster with less transport costs. Find out exactly how things work with online orders and what benefits you could benefit as a customer.

Standard Delivery

Standard delivery is recommended for less urgent shipments as opposed to expedited delivery. With this type of service, you also receive some kind of guarantee of receipt, but the conditions are not as tight as those of expedited or express.

It is accepted that there is an indicative term here, which is not ruled out to be violated – nevertheless the client pays a lower amount and the quality of the service is not quite perfect. Most likely, standard delivery will be oriented towards a post office. It is clear to everyone that mail is much more cumbersome in service than other couriers. 

In summary it can be made the following statement:

  • Choosing the type of delivery depends entirely on the requirements of the recipient.
  • Faster service is accelerated, but is associated with higher costs.
  • Shipment of goods is done in two ways – through courier or postal services . Usually, express delivery is used by couriers and standard mail.
  • There is an option for priority mail.

Delivery options

As with any commodity, every business and type of delivery has advantages and disadvantages. But, that is why the variety of services is for the customers to have the choice of options according to the current needs for goods delivery. 

There are two options for expedited delivery shipping:

  • Real-time quotes, or in other words – automatic carrier
  • Billing Fixed shipping rates that you, as a customer, will be aware of

Real-time quotes are usually calculated by:

  • Package size
  • Weight
  • Location from which the goods depart.
  • Final delivery address
  • Tracking and insurances, which are an additional option to delivery – are they included at customer’s choice

How long does it take for expedited delivery?

Most companies in the transportation industry have a well-developed policy for quick orders. Even competitors are constantly improving and competing in this regard, as the aim of each company is first-class service. The whole process of processing goes through several stages, within two to three days. The procedure is standard and goes through the following steps: 

  • User receives information about the order placed – the address or office of the courier company for delivery, names, items and value are described. It’s kind of like the order is in ‘confirmed’ status.
  • Tracking whether all the information is correct and up-to-date
  • Delivery order – Delivery speed depends mainly on the location to which the goods should arrive (whether it’s important in within the country or outside it)
  • Receive wheels – usually courier companies are exact date and time of arrival of the products, but sometimes arise unforeseen delay (happens rarely)

Main points through which each order are identical in all and companies, but time is a fairly relative concept. As standard for expedited orders for one to three days, but in fact a full guarantee can never be given. Transportation is a risky process and depending on the type of transport, some complications can occur, especially if international trade is taking place. Some of these complications include loss of goods, damage, incorrect or incomplete export and import documents, road accidents, etc. 

In most cases, however, fast delivery is a good method of fast delivery!

The qualities that a reliable company must possess in order to successfully fulfill your emergency order

  • 24/7 Service – so-called. the need for immediate deliveries sometimes occurs late at night, on weekends and holidays. Therefore, the company must be able to respond to customers and their expectations at any time – 24 hours, 7 days a week.
  • Reliabilityany business or individual customer is willing to pay a higher amount but expects to receive counter security and high reliability in the process delivery of goods ordered.
  • Transparent conditionsclear and specific terms of the supply contract without additional fees and commissions are based on the achievement of loyal relations.
  • Bilateral communicationgood communication between participants in the supply fault and it is important, especially when you hope to receive service time.
  • Personalized servicedrawing on personal offer means a lot to a customer especially if there is an adequate proposal of the solution according to the available budget.

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