choosing a freight forwarding system

Things to look for when choosing a freight forwarding system

Freight forwarding is a business full of challenges that you face on a daily basis, and it can be stressful to manage everything at once. However, a freight forwarding system can make this much easier, because it automates many of the tasks you need to do and puts all of your information in one place. It provides you with analytics you wouldn’t get without a software program. To make sure you choose the right freight forwarding software system, there are a few specific things you should look for. Here’s what to consider when making this decision.


Your software needs to be completely customizable to suit your company’s unique needs. A feature that works for one company might be cumbersome for another, and there needs to be the option to tweak services and functions so that they help your company instead of making your work more complex.


You’re probably anticipating your company will grow and that means your software needs to be able to grow with you. As your business evolves, it’s helpful to have analytics, workflows and other features that match your growth strategy. You should also be able to make changes to your company’s settings in the software to accommodate for your growth, and add new features to support growing services.


A good freight forwarding software program needs to have an intuitive user interface that people will be able to pick up quickly. Your entire employee team will need to use it, and your customers will be using it too. If the system isn’t user-friendly, it will slow your business down. In addition to having a clean design, there should also be a tutorial process that sets new users up for success.


It’s important that the software you choose offers enough capacity for all of your clients and employees to have profiles. You should also be able to onboard new customers quickly and easily.

Customer service

No matter how great your software program is, there’s still a huge likelihood that you’ll experience challenges at some point. Look for a software program that offers good customer service for its users. You should be able to get support whenever you’re experiencing a technical problem to get your work back on track quickly. The support staff should also be friendly and willing to work with you if you have any questions.
These are just a few things to keep in mind when choosing your freight forwarding software. If you are still having difficulty deciding which freight forwarding software to use, look at what similar companies have used and how it has worked for them. Customer reviews will give you a more honest idea of how the software actually performs and what you can expect from it.

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