The Benefits of Forwarding Software

More forwarders are using forwarding software for managing their production, inventory, and shipments instead of hiring third-party providers. Whether you are a small or medium sized forwarder that deals with a few shipments or a large one that deals with many – your shipping process greatly depends on the implementation of cargo management software.

Here are four main benefits of using forwarding software:

  1. Affordable

Forwarding software is more affordable compared to third-party forwarding software providers since it’s usually priced as a software solution instead of a consultancy service. The overall cost of the software depends on your company’s shipping requirements, which allows your forwarding business to only pay for the services it needs.
Also, forwarding software lets you save on shipping solutions. This is because third-party forwarding software providers charge shipping companies more than the cost of a standard shipping solution in order to make a profit.

  1. Puts you in control of the forwarding process

Although it’s understandable for a company to have an outsider handle their cargo management functions, one of the main complaints of third-party logistics customers is the fact that they always feel distanced from the whole shipping process and how it’s managed.
Due to the vendor issues and expenses involved, most shippers prefer being involved in every part of the shipping process. The advantage of using this software is that it not only involves you in the shipping process but also puts you in total control of the entire operation.

  1. Greater range of forwarding options

Whenever you contact third-party logistics companies, the shipping options you receive are based on their partnerships with providers. They make freight arrangements by listing available loads through an electronic posting system, where it’s easily matched with available carriers, or by negotiating with a carrier that doesn’t use posting systems.
Since third-party forwarding software providers prefer making freight arrangements through an electronic posting system, the shipper is limited to carriers who use posting systems. Therefore, forwarding software exposes you to a wide range of options by removing these barriers.

  1. Secure shipping

No shipping process can be more secure than when shippers are fully allowed to control the whole process on their own. This is because when outsourcing to third parties, shippers lose the capacity to examine the load carriers closely. Third parties select carriers with their own interests in mind, potentially jeopardizing the customer’s interests.
Forwarding software alleviates these security concerns by ensuring you are in control of the whole shipping process.

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