Logitude World provides the first true online freight forwarding software solution. It combines the power of cloud computing and modern technologies with a deep understanding of the Freight Forwarding Industry. 

Since Logitude’s SaaS solution is rich in software modules, Release Notes are regularly issued to keep users up- to-date about new features and enhancements, as well as changes that were made since the previous release. 

This version of the Release Notes introduces new features and functionalities, and describes existing features that were enhanced. 

New Features 

Mexico Market 

Electronic Transmission of Cargo Manifests (SAM-M3) and Boarding Knowledge (B/L) via AMANAC

Following the announcement in the previous release, AMANAC integration for electronic transmission to SAT, for Import and Export, Ocean and Air shipment data is ready to be activated.  AMANAC is the only association that, concerned with compliance to the standards established by the authorities, has worked in conjunction with SAT for the implementation and improvement of the SAM-M3 system. For more details, please check https://www.amanac.org.mx/sitio2008/servicios_transmision.htm 

Mexico SAT-Profact: Foreign RFC in AR Payments

Logitude’s Accounts Receivable module is integrated with the Mexican SAT Government for smoothly transferring receivable invoice data via PROFACT Service.  We now allow you to print the SAT Foreign RFC of your foreign customers from the Billing tab in customer records on receivable payments. 

To adjust the AR payment document to print the new field, please contact us at support@logitudeworld.com 

QBO – QuickBooks Online 

New Authentication Method

Following our last announcement, the new QBO authentication method has been implemented in Logitude. Details will be provided to the connected users directly.  Search Window The Search window now shows the customer name in a larger area making it easier to work while matching partners. 

Enhanced Features 

CSC 2019 Notice ICAO MC99 – Changes in Limits of Liability (Reso 600b and 600i) 

As per the notification, carriers are cautioned to take all necessary and appropriate advisory action, particularly if using air waybill stock reflecting the prior liability limit, to notify their shippers, cargo agents/forwarders, insurers, and claims departments of the increased liability limit from 19 SDR per kilo to 22 SDR per kilo for carriage of cargo governed by MC99 taking place on or after December 28, 2019. 

To print the AWB/HAWB with the new Contract, you can upload the new template we prepared for you from our library or adjust your templates directly from your environment.

BI Reports: Copy Feature 

The Copy option has been added to BI Reports so that you can copy existing reports instead of creating new ones from scratch. To copy a BI report, navigate to that report and click on the Copy button next to the Show Fixed Filters function button. 

Shipment Automation Improvements 

New Conditions The following new conditions can be used in Shipment and Master automations: 

Is Cancelled: for sending emails to customers when their shipments get cancelled. 

Final Destination ETA and Final Destination ATA

New Date Values

Two new values – @Old Value – and @Old Value + have been added for defining automations that should apply when there is a variation in a date field for more or less than a certain number of days compared to the previous date. These values can be selected with any one of the operators (>, <, >=. <=, <>) to compare the new date value with the previous one. For example, an automation can be defined to issue an alert message if the ETA has changed by more than 2 days. 

Create Automation Based on Updates in Related Entities While creating a shipment automation, it is now possible to define conditions based on field values from Master and Customer entities. For example: an automation that will send an email to all house customers when a specific field in the master is set to a certain value. 

Cross Docks Improvements 

For better support to customers using our Cross Docks module to manage entries and releases that are not connected to shipments, the following developments have been introduced: 

Cross Docks Release Not Connected to Shipments

From the Cross Docks Workspace, you can now create a release that is not connected to any shipment. If you need to release a cargo from a warehouse without any shipment, you just open a release and remove items from the entries, whether it is connected to a shipment or not.  In Export shipments you will be able to connect the release to the shipment and create the packages in the Packages tab of the shipment, based on the release details. 

Cross Docks Release Routing

The routing details of a cross dock release can be managed directly from the new Routings tab.  To explore the Cross Docks module, please contact us at support@logitudeworld.com

Shipment Adjustments 

Shipment Number on Direction Change

When changing the Direction, the shipment will take a new number from the counter if a different prefix is being used per direction. 

Search Fields

For Domestic Inland shipments, Shipment Search now enables users to search by the Origin and Destination cities. 

Not Invoiced Receivable Amount

A new column has been added to shipment queries: Not Invoiced Receivable Amount. It shows the amount of the receivables that are not connected to any invoice. 

Pickup Empty Container and Straight BOL

The Empty Container now appears in all pickups so that the Straight BOL document can be printed from the pickup level in addition to the shipment level. 

Accounting Improvements 

Constituent Invoice as Open Amount

A constituent invoice will be considered as an open amount as long as it is not connected to a consolidation invoice. Once connected, the shipment will be updated to consider it as an accounted amount which will affect the totals of the shipment. 

Branch Field in Accounting Entities

The Branch field has been added to the New Invoice dialog box, both for AR and AP invoices. 

Accounting Query Columns

The following query columns have been added to Accounting views: 

Release Notes – December 2019 |

Branch: In all accounting views including AR/AP Invoices and AR/AP Payments. 

City and Country: In AR and AP Invoice views. 

Hide Local Amount from Shared Logistics Users 

In the Shared Logistics portal, your clients may or may not be exposed to the local currency amounts of their receivable invoices, based on a parameter you can set. To hide the local currency amount column in the Details tab of the invoice and the Money tab of the shipment, navigate to Display Settings | Money Permissions in the Shared Logistics Workspace, and deselect the Amount in Local Currency Column (from invoice and shipment levels) parameter. 

Quotes Module Improvements 

All-In When Sales Currency is Same as Cost

Until this version of Logitude, quote charges could not be marked as All-In when the sales currency is defined to be “same as cost”. From now, it will be possible to mark lines with the same currency as the freight currency as All-In. 

Quote Automatic Closure Days

In order to control the default number of days for automatically closing a quote as Declined, the Automatically Close Days parameter has been added to Quote Settings (Maintenance | System Settings). Currently, the default is 30 days. 

Credit Limit Improvements 

Partner Restrictions

A new tab – Partners, has been added to the Credit Limit Settings dialog box for controlling partner restrictions. In this tab, creating shipments and invoices can be blocked by partner type. This will help avoid mistakes by preventing operational staff from invoicing partners that are not customers. 

Please note that blocking an action for a certain partner type will result in blocking that action for all partners under that partner type. For example, blocking invoices for Shipping Agents will not allow users to create new invoices for any agent in the system. 

Customer Query Columns

Credit limit fields from the Customer Billing tab have been added as query columns so that they can be used in existing views and while creating custom views. 

Improvements to Email Functionality 

Increase in Attachment Size

The size of the files you can attach to your emails has been increased from 15 MB to 20 MB

BCC Field

The BCC field has been added to the recipients in email messages so that you can send a blind carbon copy of your email to the addresses added in that field.  It is possible to always send a copy of an email to certain recipients by defining the addresses in the CC/BCC fields of the message template 

Improvements in the Login Page 

Show/Hide Password In line with password security requirements, the Show/Hide Password feature has been developed to make the password visible to a user who clicks the Eye icon next to the password field in the login page. 

Focus on the Account Field If you have more than one account, after entering your password correctly in the login page the cursor will be focused on the Choose Your Company dropdown so you can directly enter the name of the account you want to access. 

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