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Logitude Freight Forwarding Software

July 2023

With Logitude World’s digital freight forwarding solutions, you’ll be able to provide your customers with superior services tailored to their needs using cloud computing and modern technologies, so you can keep up with your competition.

Logitude is constantly developing and adding new software modules. We usually send out release notes to keep you informed on these updates and improvements, as well as any changes from previous versions.

This version of the release notes introduces new features and functionalities while also describing enhancements to existing features. 

New Features

Container Visibility: Our Newest Container Management Feature

Logitude’s container tracking module automatically receives accurate live data from ocean carriers using intermediary partners and generates relevant container data within Logitude, saving you time and eliminating the need to manually enter data. Based on a special intelligent mechanism, it automatically updates shipment information relating to the containers, including detecting exception behavior, so that you always have the most current information.

  • Powerful workspace with predefined views and graphs
  • Shipment dates are updated from container data to eliminate manual Data collection.
  • Notifications and alerts using the automation module: Stay alert for any exceptions.
  • Predefined BI reports and a reachable Data Warehouse.
  • Avoid demurrage or detention by managing the free days. 


This new dashboard feature in Logitude is a game-changer for managers! It helps you organize your data neatly so it’s easy to understand. And you get to spot important trends, keep an eye on how things are going, and make decisions based on actual data: about shipment, quotes, and opportunities related to your customers, users, or partners. It’s all about making your job easier and more effective!

Digital Portal

Logitude’s built-in and branded web portal module reduces the workload of your team, saves you time and effort, and provides your customers with real-time data on their shipments and invoices. And they can access it from a desktop or mobile device. 

Please note that starting from this release, the old «Shared Logistics» solution will not be available. Please share with your customers the new Branded link.

  • Self-Service Activation 

You can now activate the digital portal and invite customers to the digital portal to start using it without the need to contact customer care. This can be done by activating a digital portal and activating web access from the digital portal settings. 

  • Container Tracking  

Once you activate the container tracking module, you will be able to allow your own customers to track their containers through the digital portal platform. The container status can be tracked in the shipment details under the equipment information tab.

Your customers can keep track of certain dates related to their containers. These include the date the container is unloaded, the days left for free use, and the date by which it should be returned empty. By keeping an eye on these dates, they can act quickly and avoid any extra costs for delays or overstaying, like demurrage and detention fees.

  • Quotes Tracking

Your customers can easily view quotes and track their status within the platform. This addition enhances the platform’s functionality, allowing your customers to effortlessly access and keep tabs on important quotes.

  • Upload Documents from the Digital Portal, a self-service tool used by your customers.

This enhancement helps you and your customers share documents without the need to send emails. Your customers who use the Digital Portal can now upload their shipment documents from the Digital Portal; these documents will be uploaded to the relevant shipment’s «Docs in» tab on the Logitude side, and you can approve their documents directly. 

Sales Tariffs: Local Charges

What Logitude does is let you set the prices you want to charge your customers depending on their levels and how special they are to you. And by using a VIP Customers group, you can offer special prices to your VIP customers

Available for Import/Export air and ocean FCL/LCL shipments, you can define a fixed price or it depends on the agent abroad or Incoterms. Additionally, you can generate local prices along with your quotes for your shipments.

Enhanced Features 

User Experience Improvements

  • Views Improvements 

Logitude Views Engine is a very strong and useful feature. To allow more quick actions to search, check, and manage the views per user, we’ve enhanced our views infrastructure, starting with the Containers views:

  1. You can add many more columns to your view.
  2. Many filters were added to the container views. 
  3. More operators can be added to the several filter types.
  4. Performance enhancements over the container view.
  • Documents Drag and Drop

To help you do your work easily and quickly, we have developed new features such as document drag and drop. You can now upload documents to your Docs-in simply by dragging and dropping them. This will help you insert any type of document you want, and in a single action, you will see your files uploaded successfully. 

Quotes and Pricing

  • New Unit of Measurements

In addition to the existing measurements, you were using in charges like Fixed, Chargeable Weight, etc., new measurements are added to charge your customers based on the number of days, hours, documents, loads, and filings. For example, you can charge a customer for Yard storage for an amount Per Day. 

  • Specify the Percent of Freight per Container in the Quotation 

We have made things a bit more specific for prices related to charge types that are based on the percent of freight. We improved the quotation to show the prices for each container separately. Like the Fuel Charge, it will show the prices of each container according to the percentage of freight to make things clearer for you and your customers. 

Allow Re-Using AWB Numbers After a Year

You can now use AWB (Air Waybill) numbers again for shipments if the last time they used that number was more than a year ago.

Backup of Printed/Uploaded Documents

Now you can back up all your printed or uploaded documents. So, no need to worry! All your work is safe and sound, ready to be accessed whenever you need it.

QuickBox Integration – Improvements

  • Resend Canceled and Reapproved Transactions to QuickBooks (QB)
    You can now resend canceled and reapproved AP Invoices, AP Payments, and AR Payments to QB, ensuring accurate synchronization between the two systems.
  • QuickBooks Bank Selection in Bank Account Translation
    You can select QuickBooks banks directly within the accounting translation. This streamlines the process, saves time, and reduces the risk of errors. 

Logitude Accounting Interfaces

To be able to use your accounting records in other software, Logitude gives you the XMLs that you need using our interface.

The following new enhancements were added to our different Interfaces:

  • Adding Created By, Print Notes, and Branch fields to the AP Payment XML.
  • Adding Created By, Custom Fields, Print Notes, Branch, Bank Currency & Accounting External ID fields to the AR Payment XML.
  • Adding the custom fields under the Invoice tag for the AP & AR Invoices Generic or Advanced Generic interface.
  • Adding the custom fields for the Consolidated Invoice XML. 

New Opportunity Fields

Now you can use the CRM module to keep tabs on and predict the planned financial impact of sales opportunities in the pipeline. New fields added for revenue and profit can help the sales team and management make smart decisions. You can prioritize deals better and keep an eye on profits

Thank you for being a part of our journey towards enhanced productivity! We are here to support you every step of the way. Reach out to our dedicated support team at

For Sales, please contact:

Or visit our FAQ page for more information.

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