Logitude Release Notes – Version R1.18
February 2018

Logitude World provides the first true online freight forwarding software solution. It combines the power of cloud computing and modern technologies with a deep understanding of the Freight Forwarding Industry.
Since Logitude’ SaaS solution is rich in software modules, Release Notes are regularly issued to keep users up-to-date about new features and enhancements, as well as changes that were made since the previous release.
This version of the Release Notes introduces new features and functionalities, and describes existing features that were enhanced.

New Features

Payment Interface with Mexico SAT

To keep pace with the new SAT (Mexico) regulation that requires all AR payments to be stamped by SAT as of April 1, we further developed the ProFact interface to include receivable payments, along with invoices. Via this interface, you can now transfer payments to SAT. To activate this solution in your environment, please contact us at support@logitudeworld.zendesk.com

Warehouse/Terminal Management – Ocean Import House and Direct Shipments

A new Warehouse/Terminal routing leg has been introduced to the Routings tab of Ocean Import shipments, under the main carriage leg, allowing you to trace the location of the freight after it gets to the main carriage port. Via this leg, you can manage details such as Terminal Reference, Terminal Code, Last Free Date, Terminal availability, and the entry and release dates.
To print any of the warehouse/terminal details in your forms, please open a ticket at support@logitudeworld.zendesk.com

Developments for USA Customers

The following developments have been introduced to Logitude to meet the requirements and needs of the US market:

US Terminals (Warehouses) Table

Logitude provides a Warehouses table (Maintenance | Partners | Warehouses) containing an extensive list of the terminals in the USA, including their firm codes. By simply clicking the Add button, you can add the relevant terminals from this table into your environment.

New fields

New fields have been introduced to the Customs tab of direct and house export shipments, such as Importer ENS # and Date.
These new fields can be printed on your templates, including the Authority to Make Entry and Arrival Notice.

FMC Number

The FMC Number (Federal Maritime Commission) field has been added to the Others section of the System Defaults (Maintenance | System Settings | System Defaults).

Templates Management

The Booking Confirmation, Arrival Notice and Authority to Make Entry documents as well as several others have been redesigned to print customs details. You can upload the new templates to your environment via the Add Document from Library link in the Document Types table (Maintenance | Others | Document Types).
To update your existing documents to contain further customs information, please contact us at support@logitudeworld.zendesk.com


The Activity Status section in the Dashboard (from Logitude menu) and in the Statistics tab of a customer record, can now present the information based on the operational date – Actual Arrival Date in Import and Actual Departure Date in Export shipments (in addition to create date).

Accounting – New Developments

Multiple Currency AR Payments

Until this version of Logitude, invoice-payment matching was allowed only for the same currency. From now, the Accounts Receivable – Payments module provides the following options:

  • Invoices in any currency can be connected to a payment in a local currency.
  • Invoices issued in a local currency and invoices issued in a foreign currency can be connected to a payment in the same currency as the invoice.

This feature can be activated by setting on the Enable multi-currency AR payments parameter under the Advanced Settings in Accounting | Settings | Accounting Settings.

Warehouses in Accounts Receivable

The functionality of the Accounts Receivable module has been extended to allow invoicing warehouse partners, as well as recording payments from these partners.

Bank Accounts Table

Using the newly added Bank Accounts table (Maintenance | Billings | Bank Accounts), you can now manage your bank account details in Logitude. While entering payment information, you will be able to select a bank from the Bank Accounts table, for depositing the amount.

QuickBooks Online Interface

The interface to QuickBooks Online has been developed further and now offers the following functionalities:

  • Void Option: Voiding a receivable invoice in Logitude will automatically void it in QBO. This saves you the extra work of performing the voiding process in both environments.
  • Negative Payable Invoices: Expense invoices with negative amounts can now also be transferred to QBO.
  • Payable Payments: Payable payments recorded in Logitude can be transferred to QBO as well.

Sharing Manifest Documents with Agents

 The Shared Logistics with Agents module allows you to share manifest details with your import agents. The second phase of the Shared Logistics with Agents solution involves the sharing of manifest documents, making it possible to share the documents printed and filed by an agent in a certain environment with another agent using Logitude, after sharing the manifest data. To further explore this new feature, please contact us at  https://support@logitudeworld.zendesk.com.

Tracing Email Delivery Failures

To help users understand email correspondence issues (for example, if a response mail has not arrived as expected probably due to an incorrect sent mail address), a new communication mechanism records the errors that occurred in the delivery of outgoing emails. Users can add the new query column Email Delivery Error to their Communication Logs page (Maintenance | System Settings | Communication Logs) to trace delivery failures and the reasons. This column can be used in a custom view to display only failed email deliveries.

Open Shipments by Customer Report

A new report – Open Shipments by Customer – has been added to the Operational section of the Reports to let you list all the shipments that have not been operationally closed, filtered by a selected customer.

New Document Templates

The following document templates have been added to Logitude’s Document Library:

  • Customs Declaration form: new template in Dutch.
  • Invoice in French: new template in French that displays the list of all taxable and non-taxable charge amounts. This template is useful for all our Moroccan customers as it can show the regional tax.
  • Rate Carrier Confirmation: new templates that can be printed and sent to carriers for signing.


Enhanced Features

Management of Dangerous Goods

The Advanced option has been added to the Dangerous section of the New/Edit Container dialog box (from the Packages tab of Ocean and Inland Import shipments) for managing extra details about dangerous goods, including Cefic Class, Kelmer Code and EMS. These new fields can also be printed on your Dangerous Goods Declaration document. To update your existing document to contain any of the new fields, please contact us at https://support@logitudeworld.zendesk.com

Automations: Shipments and Masters

In addition to Shipments, the Automations table (access via Maintenance | System Settings | Automations) now includes the Masters option for defining actions relating to master and direct shipments that should be executed automatically when triggered by a condition. The Shipments option is used for defining automations relating to house and direct shipments.


Inside Packages in Routings

In Ocean and Inland Import shipments, it is now possible to add the inside packages of a container while creating/editing any routing leg (pickup, empty container return…). The inside packages can also be printed in related documents like the Delivery Note.

Copy from Shipment Packages

The Copy from Shipment Packages option under the Packages tab of the Add/Edit routing dialog box can be selected to copy the inside packages entered via the Packages tab of the shipments. In this dialog box, it is also possible to manage the container number (from the container level) and the dimensions of the inside packages.

CRM Enhancements

New Filter in CRM Views

The Created By filter is available in all CRM views including Quotes, Activities and Opportunities, so that you can filter data by users that created the records.

Editable Fields in Closed Activities

The following fields can be edited even after an activity is closed:

  • Appointment Meeting Summary
  • Task Description
  • Phone Call Description

Editable Field in Sent Mail Activity

The Subject field in the General tab of the Email activity can be edited even after the email is sent.

New Date Fields in Email Activity

New date fields have been added to the General tab of the Email activity: The actual Send Date of the email, and the Archive Date that shows the time the email was recorded from your Outlook.

New Query Columns in Activity Views

New query columns – From, To, Subject and CC, are available in the activity views.

Shipment Registry Date

A new query column – Registry Date, is available for display in Shipment queries. It shows the date of the first approved invoice issued for a shipment (direct, house or master) and can be used for different accounting purposes.
You can add the new column to your customized views.

Report Improvements

Profit by Shipment Statistics Report

A new filter – Include Accounted Only, has been added to this report in order to include in the results only accounted amounts (connected to invoices).

Inventory Report

The result data in this report is now grouped by warehouse. The report also includes the container number column.

Statement by Invoice Date

The Overdue column in the report shows the number of days an invoice is past the due date.

Profit Display Adjustment

In shipments where both the total payable and total receivable amounts are zero, the profit will show as N/A (null). Otherwise, the profit will always display the difference between the receivable and payable totals even if any one of the amounts is zero.

CC Field in Mail Templates

Along with the From and Reply To mail addresses, you can now define a default email address for CC in mail templates (Maintenance | Others | Document Types) so that a copy of the mail is automatically sent to the CC recipient. The default CC, in the same way as for From and Reply To, can be defined by entering a specific address or applying a data field.

Email To Partners

The Contacts List that displays from the To field when sending email messages contains all the partners added to the shipment or quote. Each partner tab in the Contact List contains the list of partner contacts for directly selecting the recipients of the mail.

Build Consolidation Adjustments

The following adjustments have been introduced to the Shipments tab of Masters:

  • The quantity of each house now displays in a new column while the total quantity of all connected houses shows at the bottom of the page.
  • The Disconnect All and Connect All buttons have been added for easily deselecting/selecting the houses of a master.

Date Picker – Today Option

The Today button has been added to the date picker for quickly setting a date field to today’s date.

Notes Field in Packages

The Notes field has been added to the Add/Edit Package option in the Packages tab of shipments. The Notes icon on a package line is highlighted when there is a note, and hovering over it displays the text of the note.

Increased Length in Shipment Fields

The Description of Goods field in shipments, and the Notes field in the Pickup and Delivery routing legs from the Routings tab, can now accommodate up to 2000 characters to allow for larger text.

Refresh Icon in Docs out/In

The Refresh icon has been added to the Docs Out and Docs In tabs of all entities.

Gross Weight in Ton

The Gross Weight in Tons unit of measurement (UOM) has been added to the Units of Measurement table, and it can be used both in shipments and in quotes. Assigning this UOM to one of the charges in quotes or to Payables or Receivables in shipments, will update the quantity of that charge to the total gross weight divided by a thousand (1000).

Packages Dimension Unit

The dimension unit “inch” has been added for use with CBF volume units in packages.

Shared Logistics – Download All Link

Invited customers who track their shipments via the Shared Logistics module can now download all the printed documents of a shipment in compressed format (ZIP), using the Download All link in the Documents tab

Accounting Transfer Settings

The Accounting Transfer Settings page has been redesigned to improve user experience when selecting the accounting system.

Signature per Branch

A new field – Signature – has been added to the Branches table (Maintenance | Locations | Branches) for entering the company name that will appear as a signature in shipment documents printed from a branch.

New Query Columns

The following columns are available for display in Shipment Queries:

  •  First Operational Close Date – displays the date when the shipment is initially closed operationally.
  • Customs columns: Customs Clearance Date, Declaration Number, Date, and Includes Customs which indicates if a shipment includes customs.

You can add the new columns in Shipment Queries to your customized views.

New Variables in Documents

Several new variables have been added to different documents:

  • Confirmation notes, main carriage carrier address and details of all payable charges including the quantity, price, UOM, description, and profit amounts can be added to the Load Confirmation and Booking Confirmation forms.
  • Total Open Payables can be added to the Ocean Manifest form.

To add these variables to your templates, contact us at support@logitudeworld.zendesk.com and we will be more than happy to assist you!

New Help & Training Resources

The Help Center is continually enriched with helpful training materials that provide answers to your inquiries and help you better understand the system’s features. The following have been added recently:

  • Shared Logistics with Agents – new version including the document sharing option.
  • How to Print the Rate Confirmation Form – a new document that shows how to print the rate confirmation sheets including the agreed rate with the carrier.
  • Containers Follow Up – a new tutorial that shows how to use the Containers Follow Up feature to create container delivery and empty return routing legs and follow ups, and track their statuses.

Contact Information

For more information or to log in to Logitude, please visit www.logitudeworld.com.
For questions or remarks regarding these release notes, please open a ticket at  support@logitudeworld.zendesk.com.
For Sales, please contact:info@logitudeworld.com
Happy New Release!
The Logitude World Team

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