5 Skills the Technical Support Reps of Logistics Management Software must have

When you are looking to use a freight forwarding system, you’ll need a rep to either sell the system or to train your people to use it. Freight forwarding systems are the key to an effective logistics system. Therefore, it’s essential that the rep involved has the following five essential skills required to facilitate the training and operation of the system.

1. Ability to listen

The technical support rep of your logistics software for freight forwarders needs to have excellent listening skills. They need to be able to listen to what you need, interpret your needs into what the freight forwarder system software can provide, then act accordingly. This basic skill enables the rep to be able to solve your issue and to simultaneously facilitate communication.

2. Ability to solve problems

The freight forwarder software rep should have the basic skills required to solve a wide range of problems. This can come about from having a deep knowledge of what the freight forwarding software can do. Then the rep can put that together with your needs to solve the problem. The rep should also be able to evaluate the seriousness of the problem. This enables the rep to prioritize which problems need to be addressed first, and which problems can safely be taken care of at a later date.

3. Knowledge sharing skills

It’s important that your team is able to effectively utilize the freight software after the rep has finished the training stage. That way, the freight forwarding system can remain in place and continue to be worked by your own team of specialist. Therefore, the rep needs to have knowledge sharing skills that consist of teaching capabilities.

4. Ability to follow up

The best reps understand the need for occasional follow-up visits. This might be to reinforce certain key points in the training or to troubleshoot minor issues that might arise early on. The ability to follow up and the willingness to be available for follow up question are essential skills too.

5. Ability to establish a good rapport

The rep should be able to communicate with a wide range of personality types. Since they will likely be training teams of people, the rep needs to have the ability to establish a good rapport with each person. This means that the rep should have patience and understand that everyone learns at their own pace and grasps information in slightly different ways.
These are all essential skills that a technical support rep of any logistics management software system must have. When the rep has all five of these skills, the chances are excellent for a positive outcome and effective software system usage in the long-term.

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