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Designed for Freight Forwarders

Logitude connects all areas of the freight forwarding business in the cloud. Operations, Finance, and Sales work seamlessly together.

The result is smoother communications, streamlined quotation preparation, less mistakes, and satisfied customers.

The Features Every Freight Forwarder Needs for Better Sales Management

Opportunity Management

Handle every stage of the sales pipeline efficiently, from prospecting to closing deals.  Easily track and manage opportunities, prioritize tasks, and improve your sales performance.

Sales Funnel

Design a sales funnel tailored to your unique opportunity stages. Whether you’re targeting leads, nurturing prospects, or closing deals, our intuitive interface allows you to map out the journey effortlessly.

Activity Tracking

Manage all aspects of your sales team’s tasks, calls, and appointments. Stay organized and efficient by tracking each team member’s progress, scheduling important calls and meetings, and prioritizing tasks effectively.

Quote Management

Creating and managing quotes for your customers and agents has never been easier. Our integrated tariffs streamline the process, allowing you to generate accurate quotes efficiently.

The Power of Dashboard

The dashboard shows up-to-the-minute visual insights into company performance, allowing you to make more informed decisions by simplifying complicated data into simple measurements.

Strengthen Your Freight Sales with Logitude's CRM:

Access Cost-Effective Solutions and a User-Friendly Experience Today!

Achieve Seamless Customer Management with Logitude's Integrated CRM Solution

Managing your customer-related data has never been easier, with our integrated CRM built into Logitude, you won’t have to switch between multiple platforms. Everything from shipments and quotes to billing can be accessible and controlled anywhere.

Keep track of potential and active customers easily, with access to essential data such as contact information, addresses, and all related details.

Achieve Seamless Customer Management

Logitude’s CRM Helps You Solve Everyday Challenges

The costs of using more than one platform

Repetitive Tasks

Managing sales teams in different locations

Logitude provides customized solutions that offer a seamless experience

Customized Experience Meets the Needs of Freight Forwarders

Unlike generic CRMs, Logitude provides you with a customized solution that is tailored to the unique needs of freight forwarders. Generic CRMs don’t meet industry requirements in important areas related to freight forwarding, such as the quotes module.

Manage every aspect, from crucial details to partners, packages, routings, and charges. With seamless integration of Docs Out, Docs In, Events, Communications, Connected Entities, and an extensive Audit feature, Logitude CRM empowers you to streamline your quotation process for maximum efficiency.

Adopt Logitude’s CRM Software to Elevate Your Performance

Investing in an integrated CRM platform improves the effectiveness of your sales team, 

making it a worthwhile investment to strengthen your position in the freight forwarding field.

Guided by Data

Provides you with essential accounting and operational data and insights to make informed decisions regarding your customers.

Increased Productivity

Automate tasks and improve communication, freeing up your time to focus on other important activities.

Improved Customer Relationships

Build stronger relationships with your customers by presenting a complete overview of their interactions with your organization.

Increased Sales and Revenue

Logitude’s CRM can help you close more deals by streamlining the sales process and providing insights into customer needs.

Logitude CRM: Where efficiency meets convenience in freight forwarding!

$35.00 /user/month

Logitude World provides freight forwarders with advanced freight forwarding software to manage all operations on one digital platform and deliver superior freight services.

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